Farming Simulator 19 Adds Realism & Eco-Friendliness In Free DLC

Focus Home Interactive and GIANTS Software revealed that Farming Simulator 19 will get a free update with some realism perks. A new "smart farming" technology update will be coming to the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 8th. This entire DLC is part of the Precision Farming Project which was funded by EIT Food, who if you're not familiar with them, is Europe's leading Food Innovation Initiative. The DLC features new gameplay elements that add content for eco-friendly farming, making you more aware of how your crops and farming techniques impact the environment, as well as adding equipment to help lower your own carbon footprint in the game. We have more details below from the announcement along with the latest trailer.

Now you can farm with the environment in mind, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
Now you can farm with the environment in mind, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

The goal of the Precision Farming Project is rooted in the fact that public knowledge about farming is in decline, with the link between society living in big metropolitan areas and modern agricultural technology almost severed. Modern precision farming technologies are being introduced in the Farming Simulator franchise as one of EIT's multiple efforts to change this false perception and raise awareness for sustainable farming in the general public. Players will be able to optimize their yield by taking soil samples to identify four different soil types with individual requirements. They'll also need to take pH values and nitrogen content in the soil into account. Dynamic application rates based on soil properties allow for better use of resources like seeds, fuel, fertilizer, maintenance costs and more, saving money while operating more environmentally friendly.

"As John Deere's project manager of this EIT Food-funded project, I'm impressed by the great and very effective cooperation with GIANTS Software and our partners," said Dr. Thomas Engel, Technology Innovation Strategy Manager at John Deere. "The first version of the DLC already offers more than I expected. Features like soil sampling and variable fertilizing offer a great introduction into the world of precision farming. I'm convinced that we're able to massively strengthen the knowledge about modern agriculture within the gaming community."

"We're excited to elevate the aspect of realism in Farming Simulator with the expertise of our partner John Deere while contributing to the solution of an agricultural challenge. We hope the new gameplay features will please our fans while spreading awareness of modern agricultural technology," said Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software.

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