Pokémon TCG 25th Anniversary Set Gives Classic Pikachu A Full Art

Earlier this week, the Pokémon TCG revealed a selection of products for their 25th Anniversary set, Celebrations. These products included promo cards featuring Lance's Charizard, Dark Sylveon, Dragapult Prime, Pikachu V-UNION, and more. However, more cards have leaked from the Japanese equivalent of the set that gives us some insight on how the main Celebrations set will look. This includes a Full Art version of the iconic Base Set Pikachu by Mitsuhiro Arita.

25th Anniversary cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
25th Anniversary cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

None of the three above cards have been seen in the Celebrations promos. Due to the language of Pokémon TCG's announcement of the set, I would take that to mean that these three cards, unlike the following cards, will be in the numbered Celebrations set.

The middle card here speaks volumes for what we'll see in this set. This card sees the iconic Arita return to one of his earliest Pokémon TCG works to turn this first Pikachu card into a Full Art. This is the exact sort of tribute that will make Celebrations an iconic set. It doesn't just repeat what worked in classic sets — it embraces it and adds to it.

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25th Anniversary cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

We currently known that the Pikachu V pictured to the left and the four-card Pikachu V-UNION pictured to the right will be Black Star Promos available in Celebrations products. The Pikachu V will be in the Pikachu VMAX Premium Figure Collection along with, as the title suggests, a Pikachu VMAX. The V-UNION gets its own product in the English-language Celebrations set: the Pikachu V-UNION Special Collection.

The card in the middle here is the second we've seen from the reprint subset that will be available in English-language Celebrations packs. These will reimagine classic cards with a foil gold border. We have yet to see one of these cards previewed in English, but the Japanese set has shown off this Birthday Pikachu reprinting the famous Wizards of the Coast Black Star Promo as the Base Set Venusaur.

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