Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Reveals New Additions Coming

Square Enix revealed more details this week for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker in a pair of videos that give insight into the new update. The massive game-changing update still doesn't arrive for another two months, but the team is preparing everyone for the experience when it does show up. This includes a new 18-minute video that shows off how job actions will work in the game so that there's little confusion moving forward as to how they'll work. The team also held a seven-hour livestream, which you can watch below, in which they reveal a number of other additions for the game that will affect the way you will be able to play moving forward. We have the bullet points from the team below about some of those reveals, but we have both videos for you to check out down below.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Releases Benchmark Software & Roadmap
Credit: Square Enix
  • Job Adjustments – Building upon changes implemented in Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will bring new gameplay experiences for Disciples of War and Magic jobs. Updates include significant changes to Summoner job mechanics, the addition of single target buffs for all healer jobs, timing-based effects added to some tank defensive cooldowns, and much more.
  • Duty Reward Adjustments – Trials on both Normal and Extreme difficulties, which provide weapons as a reward, will now drop a weapon coffer alongside one of the available weapon rewards, allowing players to more easily obtain weapons of their choosing.
  • System-related Updates – Various quality of life updates such as enhanced HUD customization, improved ground targeting functionality, and UI updates will be added.
  • Adjustments to HQ Items – To help reduce overall inventory bloat and preventing unintended procurement of HQ items, certain items such as gathered items, enemy drops, and token exchange materials will no longer be available as high-quality items. Gatherer actions, quests, and achievements related to HQ items will undergo adjustments accordingly; however, crafted items and equipment will remain available as both normal- and high-quality.
  • Post-Release Patch Update – Due to the urgent need to address server congestion, the Data Center Travel system is scheduled for implementation after Patch 6.0.

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