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Marvel's Avengers Shows Off Incoming Spider-Man Content
This week, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics released more info on the upcoming Spider-Man and Klaw additions coming to Marvel's Avengers Everyone's favorite web-slinger will be added to the game on Tuesday, November 30th, but with the caveat that he'll be exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game Which is a bummer because it[...]
Noctic Arrives In War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Square Enix has a new crossover for War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as Noctis from Final Fantasy XV arrives This brand new event features the primary protagonist from the most recent entry into the main series, Noctis Lucis Caelum, along with a couple of characters from the game to help him out,[...]
Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Receives New Screenshots
Square Enix has released new information today about Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, along with new screenshots to check out This particular set introduces several of the supporting characters, including the royal family you have come to aid, as well as Captain Bikke who is a pirate that rules the town of Pravoka We[...]
Outriders Will Receive A New Free Update On Tuesday
Square Enix revealed more details and videos for their next free expansion coming to Outriders on Tuesday, November 16th This is designed to add a ton of new content to the game and expand part of the storyline as you will be exploring more of the planet as it has been changed by humans just[...]
Final Fantasy XI Receives The November Update Today
Square Enix revealed details about the latest update for Final Fantasy XI as the content for November adds more campaigns and other events The big updates to this are that we're getting more content for The Voracious Resurgence, further helping that storyline along, a new "Winter Warm-Up" campaign, a new set of challenges from Lion,[...]
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Releases Benchmark Software & Roadmap
Square Enix announced late tonight that they have pushed the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker to early next month The company dropped the news just under an hour ago as of when we're writing this, changing the release date for the latest expansion from November 23rd to December 7th We have a snippet from[...]
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Is Holding A Closed Beta
Square Enix dropped a new trailer today for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier as we get a better look at the opening movie The mobile RPG battle royale will be coming out on November 17th for both iOS and Android devices, building off of the Remake title in a very different way The trailer[...]
Marvel's Avengers
Finally, at long last, Square Enix has revealed when we're finally going to see Spider-Man added to Marvel's Avengers One of the biggest promises made before the game ever came out is that PlayStation owners would be getting Spider-Man added to their version of the game as an exclusive We now know that will finally[...]
Square Enix Launches Halloween Events Across Multiple Mobile Games
Square Enix has released several updates into multiple Final Fantasy mobile games this weekend to celebrate all things Halloween Now it doesn't matter what brand of mobile game you enjoy playing from them, you can get in on some spooky times as each of their three games (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera[...]
Square Enix Reveals More Plans For Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary
Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed a ton of info this week about all the plans to celebrate Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary A good chunk of what they announced was more about outside media as they reveals plans for the anime series on Netflix, events happening in the real world, charity efforts, and more But[...]
Square Enix Announces Star Ocean: The Divine Force For 2022
During today's State of Play livestream from PlayStation, Square Enix announced Star Ocean: The Divine Force is coming in 2022 The latest addition to the franchise brings it to next-gen consoles as this sci-fi fantasy adventure will take you to an expansive world among the stars While we don't really know what's going on in[...]
Final Fantasy V Is Coming To Steam & Mobile On November 10th
Square Enix revealed that they will be releasing the Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy V for both Steam and mobile devices on November 10th The now-classic story of a young man and his Chocobo has been given the remaster treatment as we see one of the best narratives in all of the franchise play out[...]
Kingdom Hearts Namine Joins Square Enix Bring Arts
Namine now comes to the world for action figures as Square Enix reveals their newest Bring Arts figure. Faithfully recreated from Kingdom Hearst III, this older version of Namine is ready to join your collection She will stand roughly 5.3" tall and will come with a nice set of swappable parts with face sculpts and hands[...]
Square Enix Has Opened A New Mobile Studio In London
Square Enix announced that they have opened a brand new mobile development studio as they've taken up a location in London Simply being called Square Enix London Mobile, the studio is currently working on two mobile titles for their first projects, as they currently have games for Tomb Raider and Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender in development[...]
Square Enix Officially Launches Circuit Superstars
Square Enix along with developer Original Fire Games has officially released Circuit Superstars this week for PC and consoles Not really known for racing titles, this is SE's take on the genre as you hit the track with multiple types of cars and courses Switching from high-speed carts to F1-type racers to traditional lightweight roadsters,[...]