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Final Fantasy XV Arrives In Dissida Final Fantasy Opera Omnia
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is getting a new event starting today as the world of Final Fantasy XV comes to the game This new limited-time event will bring about the man known as The Immortal as Cor will make his presence known on the battlefield He brings with him a couple interesting abilities and[...]
War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Launches Summer Event
Square Enix has revealed the latest summer event to come to War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, as there are fun things to do The Summer Splash event kicked off today and will be running all the way until August 24th, bringing with it special summer units of Lilyth and Kitone, as you[...]
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Releases Benchmark Software & Roadmap
Square Enix revealed details this morning of some new benchmark software that will be released ahead of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Essentially, the update that will be going into the game soon is the first of many steps to set up the addition of the next expansion of the game this November. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[...]
Final Fantasy XI Launches Celebration Ahead Of 20th Anniversary
Square Enix has revealed plans for a new in-game celebration for Final Fantasy XI ahead of the game's official 20th Anniversary The team is throwing a "We Are Vana'Diel" event that comes with its own website as well as forming a center of celebration to visit, as the long-running MMO slowly counts down to this[...]
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary
Square Enix has launched a new 5th Anniversary event into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as the game is going all out for this celebration All 45 million players can get in on the festivities which include new limited-time events and generous in-game rewards Right now, players can collect fan-favorite units and use them to take[...]
Final Fantasy 1-3 Remasters Are Coming To Steam
Last month, Square Enix revealed that they would be releasing the first six Final Fantasy games in a new Pixel Remaster collection The assumption many fans had was that we would be getting all six games at once right from the start, but that doesn't appear to be the case While all six will come[...]
Auto Draft
Square Enix has launched a brand new campaign in Final Fantasy XIV as they have partnered up with Twitch this time around From now until August 24th, players can head into the game and obtain both the Heavenscracker in-game item (that is basically a fun little celebration tool for you to spread some joy with)[...]
Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
Square Enix announced today that they have added a new patch to the free demo of Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin The game was barely announced two days ago and a free demo version of the game was offered up for players to try out However, the demo immediately came with issues as people[...]
Final Fantasy VII Cloud and Jessie Take to The Streets With Play Arts
Coming out of the beautifully recreated from the ground up video game Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix is back with another Play Arts Kai figure set Captured from the bike chase mini-game, Cloud Strife and Jessie are back at it again with this special bundle figure 2-pack Both featuring their updated look, Jessie and Cloud[...]
We Recap The Square Enix Presents Event From E3 2021
We're also getting a remaster of the first six Final Fantasy games ever made in one collection, a new game called Babylon's Fall, a better look at Life Is Strange – True Colors, a new Hitman game for mobile, and confirmation of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin We have a rundown of almost everything[...]
Final Fantasy XI June Update Live - Travel to Aht Urhgan in Latest Story Quest Update
Square Enix revealed that they have added a new update today to Final Fantasy XI, as you head into the next leg of The Voracious Resurgence Players will be able to enjoy opportunities to obtain bonus rewards and get a chance to receive increased item drop rates for numerous pieces of content On top of[...]
Final Fantasy I Collaboration Event Returns To War Of The Visions
Square Enix revealed today that they've brought back the Final Fantasy I collaboration event to War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius In case you happened to miss it the first time around, this is essentially a chance to take part in it again, but for a short amount of time and with a[...]
Final Fantasy Mobile Games Start Limited-Time Chillhop Music Event
Chillhop and Square Enix have come together for a limited-time collaboration event in both of the Final Fantasy mobile titles Right now, fans can download a special compilation album of 25 tracks created with the popular lo-fi hip-hop music label What's more, the team has added several new events in both games for you to[...]
Final Fantasy XIV Online Launches PS5 Version & Patch 5.55
Square Enix has dropped Patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV Online, which also brings about the PS5 version of the game The big focus on this patch is that it brings an end to the Shadowbringers storyline, adding in new content to the main scenario, as well as YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse and Save the Queen[...]
Rumor: Squae Enix Working On New Final Fantasy Game With Team Ninja
If you believe the latest rumor mill, it sounds like Square Enix has gone to an interesting place with their next Final Fantasy game The news came from FanByte over the weekend who claim their sources have confirmed SE is working with Team Ninja (the minds behind Nioh) on a new FF project that will[...]