Final Kombat 2020: Top 16 First Round Match Results

We're reporting live in Chicago! …From the 27th floor of a hotel room to bring you the results of today's Final Kombat 2020 tournament for Mortal Kombat 11. After the coronavirus concerns made the organizers decide to do an empty arena (except for crew, players, and essential staff), the rest of us were left to do our coverage remotely. So while I snack on a deep-dish pizza in my room, here are the results from the first round of fights featuring the top 16 players.

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Credit: WB Games

Game One: SonicFox vs. D2Stabs

The first match of the day put SonicFox against Stabs. Sonic brought in The Joker while Stabs went with Frost. The first match felt like a slaughter as Sonic continually pushed Stabs into the corner, using zoning and Joker bombs to keep them at bay for an easy couple wins and going up 1-0. Stabs learned his lesson in match two and pushed back with some heavy blows and some zoning of his own with ice blasts. Sonic stayed with their strategy, but it didn't pay off as well as they liked as they went the distance with Stabs taking the second around 2-1 for the 1-1 tie.

Match three saw Stabs go for a desperate move with the Fatal Blow for the first win, followed by a quick eek out of the second victory to go up 2-1 against Sonic. Match four was a hell of a battle as Sonic pushed themself to take risks they probably wasn't comfortable with, but it paid off with a pair of wins to bring the series back to a 2-2 tie and match point on the line. Match five was a lot more even than the previous rounds between the two, damage going out evenly with each pulling off combos after the other. Sonic took the first victory with both of them down to near nothing, but Sonic came out the gate with a dominating second game. They showed mercy to 2D to give them a chance at an epic comeback, but a shot to the face ended the match and Sonic went onto the next round.

Winner: SonicFox (3-2)


Game Two: Hayatei vs. Rewind

The second set of the day had Hayatei jumping in with Erron Black while Rewind brought in his Jacqui Briggs. The first match was basically a 'blink and you'd miss it" affair as the match lasted less than 60 seconds for a 2-1 win for Rewind to go up 1-0. Match two picked up right where that left off with Rewind taking the first fight and Hayatei taking the second, but Hayatei learned his lesson and took the second match at the end for the 1-1 tie.

Match three was far more even in damage between the two, but Rewind snuck out the first victory, followed by a fury of kicks for the second to go up 2-1 in the series. Match four felt like a replay of the last as Rewind took the first victory moderately quickly. Hayatei fought back with some zoning tactics using the shotgun and the acid to give an edge, but it was all for naught as the kick continued for the last victory to move on in the tournament.

Winner: Rewind (3-1)


Game Three: Tekken Master vs. Kombat

Game three saw Tekken Master bring in Sonya while Kombat brought in a Johnny Cage. Kombat pushed hard with the first win, but was no match for the combos TM was able to pull off in short order for the 2-1 win to go up 1-0. The second match picked up where that left off with Kombat picking up the first win. The two traded off even damage and surprise combos, but TM stole the win for a tie. The third battle showed Kombat on a roll as he pummeled Kombat and outplayed him in the corner to take the match and make it 1-1.

Match three sent us back into a corner as RM to control of the match and kept up the pressure. He took the first win almost easily, then followed it up with another sound of pressure. The damage was pretty even mid-match as they shot projectiles, but TM took the second fight at the end for the 1-1. Kombat was done with that and went back to pushing directly, then baited out a combo to take advantage for the next win and went up 2-1 overall. Match four picked up after a coach break by both. TM switch to Jacqui Briggs while Kombat stayed with Cage. The change didn't affect much as the anti-air tactics did nothing, and Kombat took the fourth game 2-0 for the 3-1 win.

Winner: Kombat (3-1)


Game Four: A F0xy Granpa vs. Semiij

Granpa brought in a Shang Tsung, which made him a mainstay in the scene, against a Cassie Cage from Semiij as one of his favorites. Grampa used the warlock build of Tsung to score the first win, but then a controller disconnect happened on the PS4 they were using. Someone from the last match failed to desync their controller and killed the match. They came back in at the start of the match with an even battle, which helped out Demiij take the second fight to make it 1-1. But the warlock tactic paid off as Grampa got the falling bodies to take the first match 1-0. The second match was a little more even, but the warlock continues to pay off with rising skulls for the first win. It kept going int he second fight with chained combos from the skulls while Grampa sat in the corner, followed by a fatal blow. He goes up 2-0 in the series.

Match three picked back up where they left off with Granpa zoning Samiij out with the rising skulls, pushing him back and making it a projectile battle. The first win was pretty easy for Granpa, but the second was a hard-fought battle as Samiij tried to come back. But it was all for naught as Granpa had a final trick down to the wire, taking the win and becoming the first to go 3-0 for the day.

Winner: A F0xy Granpa (3-0)


Game Five: Dragon vs. Nivek

This game saw Nivek come in with Jacqui Briggs while Dragon took in Cetrion. The two traded combos and even whiffed a few opportunities on each other to start, but Dragon snuck out the first win. The second round was more of the same from both, but Dragon nailed the ending with a final blow to make it 2-0 and take the first match 1-0. After a coach break, we came back for round two with a pretty even match. A lot of these games felt more like a mix of failed blocks and missed chances from both players. Dragon took the anti-air into a fatal blow for the first victory, but Nivek returned the favor with some zoned combat for the 1-1. After that, Dragon went hardcore into the projectiles and took the second match to go up 2-0.

The third game picked back up where Dragon left off, playing the projectile game with Cerion for the first win. Nivek pushed back into the match and with a few heavy hits and times blows, was able to tie it up 1-1. Nivek proved that he could battle back from a deficit as he was able to do the ground-and-pound with some well-times air combos to take the game and make it 1-2, still in favor of Dragon. Match four showed Dragon make quick work for the first win, but then get punished by the timer as the health status was in favor of Nivek even though Dragon won the match at the :00. Nivek took the opening for all it was worth and pushed forward to take a victory in the last minute to make it 2-2- headed into match point.

Match five showed that Dragon was having no mercy for his opponent as a combo of anti-air, ground tactics, and projectiles gave him the first win. Dragon took a more cautious approach after that as the match started slowing in pace. Nivek fought hard to negate those tactics, but there wasn't much he could do as Dragon found his rhythm, even in the face of heavy hits from Jacqui. Dragon blocked and ran out the timer to take the final match 3-2.

Winner: Dragon (3-2)


Game Six: Deoxys vs. Scar

Starting this set off, Deoxys brought in Jacqui Briggs while Scar introduced his Kung Lao to the fight. The first round was over so quick we almost missed Scar take the first win. Scar bided his time in the second game and took it easily to move up 1-0. The second game showed that Deyxys learned his lessons and snagged the first victory. Scar made a couple of big mistakes that cost him the second match and the two ended up tied 1-1.

Match three started quickly with no breaks with the two trading blows for a much more evened matchup. Scar has a chance to punish but failed as Deoxys pulled out a fatal blow to take the first victory. Scar looked like he just lost all of his rhythm as he blew multiple opportunities and went down, while Deoxys took the 2-1 lead. it looked like there might be a character change, but they went right into match four. Scar threw Deoxys into the corner after losing his defense bar to take command and move up with the first victory. The second game was much of the same as he won in quick order to make it a 2-2- game with match point on the line.

The two moved right into match five, not wasting time. Another even match at the start, but Deoxys took the first win by a hair. Deoxys spent the second match flying everywhere and giving Scar little room to breathe. A couple of anti-air moments and a failed hat throw later, and Scar was done. Deoxys moved up 3-2 into the winner's bracket.

Winner: Deoxys (3-2)


Game Seven: Ninjakilla_212 vs. Konqueror249

Ninja came into this match with Johnny cage while Konqueror chose a Sub-Zero variant. This was the match of traded combo breaks as Ninja pulled out a not-so-easy win to start. The second game was a hell of a battle with a ton of trade-off but ended with Konqueror winning by the skin of his teeth. More back and forth for game three but Ninja had the edge as he goes up 1-0in the series. Match two saw Ninja do a lot of fake-out moves that lured in Konqueror as he took the first win. Ninja got cocky and started to get punished a bit by Konqueror, but the corner tactics followed by a whiff on the iceball gave Ninja the second win to go up 2-0.

After a coach break, we dove into match three with Konqueror showing more patience than before. Which paid off a little, but Ninja still took game one. Another even match in game two gave Konqueror a little hope, but the anti-air ended the match as Ninja went 3-0 for the second flawless of the day.

Winner: Ninjakilla_212 (3-0)


Game Eight: DizzyTT vs. Tweedy

DizzyTT jumped into this match with a Sonya Blade while Tweedy chose Geras for this fight. Right off the bat, Tweedy commanded the first game to take the first victory easily. The two were pretty even in the second game, but tweedy threw in quick damage and ended on a Brutality to go up 1-0. After a coach's timeout, we dove into match two. The coach chat helped out Dizzy as he made some changes to his gameplay and took the first win, but then spent most of the second game doing the projectile strats. They paid off as Dizzy had no way to properly combat it, with Dizzy taking the second win and tying it up 1-1.

Match three saw Tweedy a little miffed as he came out the gate swinging and used more of the temporal moves to get the first win. Back to the projectile strat for Tweedy, but Dizzy was done with it and pushed for more up-close brawling. After a little back-and-forth, tweedy took the second win and moved up 2-1. Match four started Dizzy coming out the gate with more ground-and-pound tactics for a near-flawless first win. Tweedy fought back with more of the temporal moves from Geras, taking the second win. But Dizzy combo chained the next fight to make it 2-2 after a 2-1 win. Oh, and he threw in a fatality to add insult to the loss.

Match five started with some more defensive plays for both with match point on the line. Tweedy went back to a mix of up-close combat and temporal plays. A punished play gave Tweedy the first win. The second game was even between them both, but Tweedy combo chained all the way through the last half of the match and showed little compassion as he took the match 3-2.

Winner: Tweedy (3-2)

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