Focus Entertainment & Mundfish Partner Together On Atomic Heart

Focus Entertainment and developer Mundfish announced they have partnered up to release their next game, Atomic Heart. The game has been teased for a minute now as you'll be playing in an alternate sci-fi-filled timeline where a Soviet Union agent in 1955 may be the only person to figure out what sinister plans may be behind the soon-to-be-launched future utopic Earth. At the moment, the game is being planned for sometime in the Winter of 2022, but that could change as it seems like there's nothing set in stone at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy the latest trailer for the game.

Focus Entertainment & Mundfish Partner Together On Atomic Heart
Credit: Focus Entertainment

Set an alternate version of the 1950's, the story of Atomic Heart takes place in a Soviet Union in which robotics and other advanced technologies were developed during World War II. This world isn't so far removed from the ideals for which humanity is fighting today: a happy society, the power of science, perfect cities with green, sun-dappled parks and town squares, the automation of everyday life, the desire to explore the stars… these things could be right around the corner. But let's take a look at the dark underbelly of this ideal world — what if all this had already happened? And where could it lead?

Robots designed to help humans have rebelled against their creators. Secret experiments have led to the emergence of terrifying mutants. Giant machines and bloodthirsty creatures are just a few of the obstacles that stand between you and the completion of your secret mission. You'll have to do your homework and study every deadly foe to avoid becoming their victims. Prepare for the fight of your life. Choose optimal tactics for each unique opponent and use everything you can get your hands on, from the special abilities provided by your combat glove to heavy weapons of mass destruction. Combine defensive and offensive skills, interact with your environment, and keep an eye on the enemy to ensure victory. With a wide range of upgrades for all firearms and melee weapons, you can crush anyone who stands in your way. Get ready — this is going to hurt!

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