For Honor To Launch Year 5 Season 4 On December 9th

Ubisoft revealed more info today about the upcoming addition to For Honor as we enter Year 5 Season 4 called Frozen Shores. As you may have guessed from the name, this is essentially going to be the final chapter to this new winter-based arc that's been going on the past few seasons, as all factions recover from their losses caused by the perils of Tempest during a special calming period in the game. Well, except for mysterious ships that have navigated the rising waters of Heathmoor and have now ended up at the docks with some ill intent in their eyes. We have more info on the season below along with the latest trailer, as this will launch on December 9th. Meanwhile, the game will also receive a later update called Title Update 2 (TU2), which also brings a new hero and other experiences and rewards on January 27th.

For Honor To Launch Year 5 Season 4 On December 9th
Credit: Ubisoft

From December 9 until December 30, For Honor will offer a limited time event, Frostwind Celebrations. During this event, players will be able to progress through a Free Event Pass and gain access to a multitude of rewards such as a Paired-Emote, new Battle Outfit, an Effect and an Ornament. There will also be weapons available for players to loot. For $9.99, players can purchase a Battle Pass with premium content including new Battle Outfits, Ornaments, Execution, Podium and Effects.

Following last season's Testing Grounds, improvements to the Shinobi will be added to the live game on season launch. For Honor will also have another phase of Testing Grounds from December 30 to January 6, focusing on the Dominion game mode and Conqueror. Changes for Dominion will include capture speed, renown, hard points and other UI improvements.

On January 27, Title Update 2 brings a new hero into the world of For Honor, as well as limited-time experiences and rewards. The Covenant Games return, allowing players to play the Carousel of Horkos game mode, with rewards including a Battle Outfit and an Ornament as well as an Effect. A Throwback Event, the Black Prior's Riposte, will also bring back original rewards and weapons.

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