Former Dungeons & Dragons Artist Robin Wood Passes Away

Sad news today in the world of Dungeons & Dragons as artist Robin Wood has passed away at the age of 67. If you're an old-school player of D&D or a reader of Dragon Magazine, then you know her artwork well as she created some of the most iconic imagery you'll see from the '80s. This includes this wonderful black dragon piece you see here, simply titled "Music Lover", which was used as the cover art for the 1989 DragonLance campaign setting Time Of The Dragon. The most poignant covers of D&D products you might know well stem from Second Edition, which includes Van Richten's Guide To Ghosts and Treasures Of Greyhawk. But she didn't just dabble in Dungeons & Dragons content, as she also created several portraits for the Anne McCaffery series Dragonriders Of Pern, as well as releasing her own collection of Tarot cards that were successful in the '90s.

The piece "Music Lover", credited to Robin Wood.
The piece "Music Lover", credited to Robin Wood.

Wood originally started as a convention artist in the '70s as she would make artwork for fantasy and sci-fi fans to purchase. Eventually leading her to several commissions and paid gigs with TSR for Dungeons & Dragons in the '80s where her pieces would be used for cover art as well as within the pages. Her career, however, was put on hold as she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the mid-90s, forcing her to stop working in traditional illustrations and moving toward computer-created works. Eventually, she pushed it back into remission and began doing illustrations again, but stuck with making computer-based works, which led to her creating several pieces for the game Second Life when it was at its peak.

In 2019, Wood was diagnosed with cancer, as she continued working sporadically with only a few updates over the past couple of years. Those updates stopped back in January 2021, but her husband Michael Short provided one more update last week letting fans know that her condition had deteriorated. Word of her passing came this morning through social media, as friends paid tribute to her. Our condolences go out to Wood's friends and family.

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