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Free League Publishing Announces Death In Space TTRPG

Free League Publishing revealed a new TTRPG book on the way as they'll be releasing Death In Space coming out next month. This is a space exploration title that doesn't follow the normal settings you might be used to as this one focuses on the adventure and uncertainty of traveling through space, You and your small crew have made this spaceship your home, serving as both family and sanctuary in a dangerous universe. How will you survive out here in an abandoned frontier system where resources are scarce and the competition that is hiding in the darkness wants you dead? You can buy the Core Rulebook right now on pre-order for about $33 as the game will be released on April 26th, 2022.

Free League Publishing Announces Death In Space TTRPG
Credit: Free League Publishing

In Death In Space, you and your crew are a rag-tag bunch of hard-working explorers and laborers hoping for a big score. Your only hope of surviving is to take any contract you can find, sometimes having to put your fate in your enemies' hands. The default setting is the war-torn Tenebris system, a system of planets and objects revolving around the star Tenebris. It is a stellar system ravaged by war and strife, where the greed-fueled mining of precious gems started a conflict that left the system wrecked into pieces.

The game has its roots in the OSR scene and follows similar design principles. The rules are intended to be easy to use and hack but also meant to support and introduce the game world. As for setting and tone, inspiration comes from the gritty future of early 80's science fiction movies as well as classic westerns. Death In Space RPG is created by Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell. Like Mörk Borg, the game will be printed and distributed by Free League Publishing (Alien, Tales from the Loop, The One Ring) under the Free League Workshop sub-label for independently designed games. The core game book contains everything you need to start playing:

  • Light-weight rules, intended to be easy to use and quick to learn
  • A system for quickly generating player characters & their spacecraft or space-station
  • 60+ different modules to make the spacecraft or space-station your own
  • An introduction to the Tenebris system, its main locations and history
  • A system for repairs, where you collect spare parts to repair your stuff
  • 20 cosmic mutations, representing physical manifestations of the void
  • A system for spacecraft confrontations and boarding
  • An introductory scenario to jumpstart your campaign
  • 40+ tables and generators packed with setting flavor

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