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Mutant: Year Zero – Ad Astra
Free League Publishing has released a new expansion this week with Mutant: Year Zero – Ad Astra, giving the postapocalyptic TTRPG a sci-fi twist This time around, you'll be headed into space as you go into orbit with a new adventure that will send you into different reaches of the solar system The book basically[...]
Modiphius Announces New Transmedia IP, Dreams And Machines
Modiphius Entertainment confirmed that they would be putting up several books and items to play their TTRPG, Dreams and Machines, for pre-order on September 7 The complete list of items includes the Player's Guide, the Gamemaster's Guide, a new Gamemaster's Toolkit, a Dice Set, and a Collector's Slip Case All of which will be available[...]
Welcome To Night Vale Is Getting Its Own Roleplaying Game
Renegade Game Studios announced during Gen Con 2023 that they are currently working on a TTRPG for Welcome To Night Vale In case you weren't already aware of what this is, Welcome to Night Vale is currently the most popular fiction podcast in the world, with hundreds of episodes currently available online for free for you[...]
Starfinder: Second Edition Is Currently In The Works
 As part of the company keynote presentation for Gen Con 2023, they revealed their plans for the next phase of their sci-fi TTRPG, as the new edition will be published under the ORC License and will contain implements of the three-action economy This is designed to make it more accessible for fans and creators, as[...]
Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Is Coming To Roll20
The game's d616 System and all of its components will be brought over to the Digital Tabletop starting today, allowing GMs and players to experience the Marvel TTRPG, where they get to become their favorite superheroes and villains (or create their own) and play through various Marvel Multiverse sagas together We got the notes from[...]
When The Wolf Comes
Outland Entertainment and Schwalb Entertainment have officially released their new TTRPG, When The Wolf Comes, after having a quick crowdfunding campaign The team behind the game had launched a Kickstarter just a few weeks ago, but after a change in publisher, the game immediately saw publication on Drive Thru RPG Now you have a chance[...]
Paizo Announces New Partnership For Pathfinder: Lore Masters
The goal of this new mobile experience is to bring all of the fun and knowledge of the TTRPG over to a new mobile trivia game, in which you will be tested on your knowledge of the game as you learn about it from the ground up In essence, making it both an educational game[...]
Free League Publishing Reveals Pirate Borg Coming This September
Free League Publishing announced a brand new TTRPG spinoff from the Mörk Borg series, as you'll soon be able to play Pirate Borg As you may have guessed, the game will play a little bit like the main game, only this time you'll be pirates doing all sorts of pirate things all over the black-water[...]
Vaesen Announces
Free League Publishing revealed a brand new expansion is coming to the Nordic horror TTRPG Vaesen with the reveal of The Lost Mountain Saga This new content will be an epic campaign of five Mysteries for your players to explore ancient myths and old Nordic folk tales Throughout each chapter you'll have opportunities to become[...]
Modiphius Entertainment Announces BrikWars TTRPG
The game, which is clearly a parody of toys such as LEGO, Bikku, COBI, Unico, and other brands that use the same kind of plastic building system, has been going strong online for a while now as players can jump into a fantasy world using toys they already own with a TTRPG system to help[...]
Modiphius Announces New Transmedia IP, Dreams And Machines
Modiphius Entertainment has announced a brand new TTRPG on the way featuring an all-new IP, going by the name of Dreams and Machines This particular game will bring you into a sci-fi fantasy world in which you'll be able to have your own adventures, like D&D or Pathfinder meshed with the kind of stuff you'd[...]
The Lord Of The Rings Roleplaying Will Launch On M
Free League Publishing have revealed that their latest TTRPG series, The Lord Of The Rings Roleplaying, will officially launch on May 9th Originally announced a few years ago, this is essentially the 5th Edition version of The One Ring, which is their popular TTRPG based on the works of J.R.R Tolkien Francesco Nepitello and Marco[...]
Indie developer and publisher Riftweaver revealed a brand new game this morning as they are working on a digital TTRPG called Fablecraft The game will be designed to give you everything you know and love from he genre in a fully accessible platform where you can build characters, design campaigns, and have the same kind[...]
Hamlet Gets An RPG With "To Be Or Not To Be A Villain"
Andrews McMeel Publishing has released a new TTRPG channeling Hamlet in all the best and worst ways with To Be Or Not To Be A Villain This new adventure, penned by James Introcaso and Rudy Basso, takes the works of Shakespeare and puts them in an entirely new interactive light No longer just reading or acting out[...]
Vampire: The Masquerade
The jam basically put out the call to anyone willing to step up to the challenge of making original content based around their haunting TTRPG titles, as they wanted to see what new and innovative ideas people had The month-long competition saw people enter several games centered around one of three themes: Love Among Monsters,[...]