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Paizo Makes Statement In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

Tabletop gaming creator Paizo has said in a press statement emailed out to us earlier today that they stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and their colleagues, contributors, and fellow gamers of color. This comes alongside many other companies such as Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop making charitable donations and otherwise standing […]

Tales From The Loop RPG Starter Set Out In Paper And On Roll20

Tales From The Loop RPG Starter Set Out In Paper And On Roll20

Free League Publishing, publishers of the dark fantasy RPG called Symbaroum and the official Alien RPG, has officially released the Tales From The Loop RPG starter set in a physical form as well as virtually, via Roll20. This initiative is part of an effort by Free League to support virtual tabletop gaming for as many of their […]

Alice Is Missing, A Silent Role-Playing Game Funded On Kickstarter

Alice Is Missing, A Silent Role-Playing Game Funded On Kickstarter

COVID-19 has done a remarkable job of separating us as gamers from the communal tabletop. With most games needing a webcam to be played (if they can be played at all), we have been reduced to distant friends, by force. However, Hunters Entertainment, in conjunction with Renegade Game Studios, has gotten backing for a new […]

Cartoonist Adam Ellis Creates Fever Knights RPG Concept

Cartoonist Adam Ellis Creates Fever Knights RPG Concept

Adam Ellis, an internet-based cartoonist best known for his quirky slice-of-life cartoons, has conceptualized a role-playing game setting through a series of annotated illustrations that he's called Fever Knights. These images depict mainly items, characters, and enemies through concept art and a rudimentary explanation of character statistics and other information. Fever Knights has a presence on […]

Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding

Dastarque: On Miscellaneous Alterations In A Homebrew D&D Capacity

Hello there, loyal readers! As you may be aware, I am working on conceptualizing a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign in a setting I've created called Dastarque. I've already covered such topics as alignment shifts and the world I'm working on in a very general sense. Today, I'd like us to journey a bit deeper into […]

Free League Publishing Announces Symbaroum Game Master's Guide

Free League Publishing Announces Symbaroum Game Master's Guide

Free League Publishing, the creator of the official ALIEN role-playing game, has announced their plans to release the Game Master's Guide for Symbaroum, the acclaimed dark-fantasy RPG. The Game Master's Guide is set to be released on June 2nd of this year. The Game Master's Guide for Symbaroum will feature three major sections for aspiring Symbaroum's Game […]

Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding

Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding

Dungeons & Dragons is a remarkably complex game when it comes to using one's freedom to imagine. Sure, there are rules that need to be adhered to generally, and those are much simpler to comprehend as both a Dungeon Master and as a party member. But when it comes to the creative expression of worldbuilding […]

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Gameplay Review: Spell Saga, A Tabletop Novel Game

Hello, loyal readers! Today, we would like to share our experience in playing Spell Saga, a game by SUBHEATHEN Publishing. It is our hope that it might give you the personal initiative to take the steps to get ahold of it yourselves. Spell Saga, a solitaire-style, self-proclaimed "tabletop novel", is a game that begins its own […]

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Unboxing Review: Spell Saga, A Tabletop Novel Game

Spell Saga, a self-proclaimed "tabletop novel"-style game, is the brainchild of SUBHEATHEN Publishing, a relatively-new publisher comprised of Todd Michael Rogers and Lauren Rogers. The game is meant to be a solitary event played by just one person, and while it allegedly takes a bit of time to get the hang of, it is meant to evoke […]

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Opinion: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Campaigns And Alignment

Hello, dear readers! This article series is meant to showcase my personal thoughts on how to make an immersive homebrewed world in Dungeons & Dragons from the ground up. The article ties into my own setting of Dastarque, but should serve as a good example for all you aspiring homebrewers on how to make these […]

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Spell Saga, A New Game For One Player, Redefines Solitaire Card Games

Once in a blue moon, a tabletop game is produced that is not meant for more than one player at a time. Games like this, similar to Solitaire, are meant to provoke critical thinking and analysis in the player, rather than the competitive spirit. But what happens when a solitary tabletop game aims to provoke […]

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Deadlands Kickstarter Fully Funded, On Its Final Hours Of Backing

The Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands, a Weird West role-playing game made by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, has been funded completely! It is now on its last 34 hours of backing, having made over $485,000 of it's $10,000 goal as of the time of us writing this article. At present, every single stretch goal on this Kickstarter campaign […]

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Opinion: Regarding Dungeons & Dragons, Session 0, & Consent

Dungeons & Dragons is arguably the most difficult game to create content for. With so many Dungeon Masters trying to sculpt their perfect game, there's a huge propensity for bad DMs to "railroad" players – a term meaning keeping all agency in the game to themselves, with minimal input by the other players. Alternatively, they […]

"Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game" On Kickstarter

The Altered Carbon Role Playing Game Now Up For Pre-Order

The Altered Carbon Role Playing Game, a new RPG by Renegade Game Studios, is now up for preorder on Renegade's website! We here at Bleeding Cool covered this RPG's Kickstarter campaign back in early February, and now it's finally coming to fruition. Hunters Entertainment and Skydance Television teamed up with Renegade to get this game off […]

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PaizoCon Will Be Online Due To COVID-19, Will Happen May 26-31

Paizo, the minds behind such tabletop role-playing games as Pathfinder and Starfinder, have announced that their annual convention, PaizoCon, will be held online this year due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes after an announcement on March 27th stating that the convention would be canceled outright. What this convention includes is a number of web-seminars […]

Review: Games Workshop's "Great Unclean One" - "Warhammer: Age of Sigmar"

Playing Tabletop Games Is Still Tough Due To COVID-19

Coronavirus has hit the world of popular culture and gaming like nothing else before it. With companies closing their doors at lightning-speed and reopening like molasses, it's especially clear that the tabletop gaming industry has taken, arguably, the worst hit of all. After all, tabletop gaming is, at its very heart, a social experience. If […]

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Q-Workshop Releasing New Pathfinder & Starfinder Dice For Paizo

Today, Paizo has announced that Q-Workshop, a renowned producer of polyhedral dice sets, is releasing not just one, but three sets of dice in partnership with the role-playing games company. The dice are themed after some newer Pathfinder and Starfinder campaign modules, also known as Adventure Packs – Pathfinder: Extinction Curse, Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm!, and Starfinder: […]

Paizo Issues Update on Coronavirus Situation

Paizo Issues Update On Coronavirus Situation

Considering the outbreak of Coronavirus out there in the world, causing all sorts of social distancing and – dare we say – isolation, things look plenty bleak – and especially for tabletop gamers right now. Fortunately, companies like Paizo (creator of such games as Pathfinder and Starfinder) have issued responses and periodic updates to keep gamers in […]

Gamestop Claims "Essential Retail" Status, "Can Stay Open"

Wizards of the Coast Issues Statement Regarding Coronavirus

During trying times such as these, with the spread of COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) many gamers, and tabletop gamers in particular, are affected heavily by the social distancing tactics taken in response to the pandemic. Wizards of the Coast is one of many tabletop gaming companies to provide a response to this pandemic outbreak. […]

2020 Gaming "Origins Awards" Nominees Announced!

2020 Tabletop Gaming "Origins Awards" Nominees Announced!

At GAMA 2020, the Game Manufacturer's Association's invite-only trade show, members of GAMA voted on the nominees for the 2020 Origins Awards, which promote and award tabletop gaming excellence. Some of these nominees are familiar to many of you (and some of them I'd even covered on this very site!), while others are definitely a […]