Friday The 13th: The Game Adding More Mechanics to Make You Jason

Have you ever had an entire night of playing Friday The 13th: The Game where you're just a camp counselor and it seems everyone else ends up being Jason the entire session? Turns out that's more common than you think, and Gun Media has heard your complaints. On Thursday, one of Gun Media's community leaders posted a new notice letting people know they were going to fix that issue and make the selection a little less random to give everyone a chance to play Jason in Quick Play. No details were given as to when the change will be coming, but if they're already discussing how it works, chances are it may just be the next update.

Friday The 13th: The Game Adding More Mechanics to Make You Jason

With the next update we will be introducing a behind-the-scenes ticket system that improves the selection process governing which player is selected to be Jason. Players who have marked Jason as their spawn preference are given a surplus of tickets. Each time they've played Jason, tickets are subtracted, to reduce the chance of a single player being selected in back to back rounds, even when switching lobbies. An exception would be if that player switched to a lobby with players who have all indicated a preference for playing Counselors.

Counselors – in the event that everyone in the lobby has their preference set to Counselor, one of you will still be selected to play as Jason.

What happens if two players have the exact same amount of tickets, and neither have played Jason lately? The system will randomly select a ticket, and the owner of that ticket will be selected as Jason for the round.

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