Giveaway: We Have 50,000 Beta Codes For "Shadow Arena"

Would you like to try out the beta of Shadow Arena on PC when it kicks off next week? We got 50k codes for anyone to try it out to give away. If you've missed our previous coverage of the game, this is basically the battle royale version of Black Desert. You get to take a character in with some specific stats and abilities from a small group of choices, and then dash around the map collecting armor and taking out other players. Pearl Abyss would like the game to go off without a hitch, so they're doing some beta testing on Steam from February 27th until March 8th. And to get you in on the game, they gave use codes. LOTS of codes. 50,000 codes to be exact.

Giveaway: We Have 50,000 Beta Codes For "Shadow Arena"
Credit: Pearl Abyss

So how do you get one of these codes? It's pretty simple. In order to make this fair and not have people simply take all the codes they can for themselves, we have a simple email system. All you have to do is enter an email below and a code will be sent to you from us. No charge, no gimmicks, no spam. Only one code per email, however, to keep things fair. The codes are for STEAM ONLY. meaning you have to have a Steam account to claim the code and use it to play the Shadow Arena beta. (Here's how to activate a code on Steam.) If you're looking for a console code or some other PC option, sorry, they're not running the test anywhere else, it's not even a possibility for us to give out a code anywhere else.

Now… Before you start ranting and raving in our comments section about how you don't trust giving your email out, this is where I inform you there is no other way. Posting 50,000 codes at once and having you play scavenger hunt is just not feasible. We've tried it before, it doesn't work. This is a for-sure way to get you a code immediately until we run out. All giving us your email will do is send a code directly to you. As for us, we don't have an ulterior motive. We don't have a mailing list or a newsletter, and we don't give out emails for anything or sell email lists. It's just not something we do as its a waste of time. (We do have a weekly roundup email by Rich Johnston, but you have to go sign up for that elsewhere.) Basically, if you seriously don't trust giving your email out, nothing we say here is going to change your minds. if you still want a code, enter your email in the form below.

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