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Pearl Abyss Adds Five Heroes Back Into Shadow Arena
Pearl Abyss has been making some adjustments to Shadow Arena after they changed up the format, as they add five heroes back into the game The 3-v-3 arena fighter will be getting back Sura, Bari, Badal, Igrid, and Lahn, expanding the roster of playable heroes again from 12 to 17 The game was changed up[...]
Shadow Arena Reworks The Venslar Hero As Part Of Updates
Pearl Abyss revealed today that they have released a new set of updates into Shadow Arena, which includes a rework of Venslar As you may recall, the game received a change of plans from the company after the battle royale version just wasn't working Now the game is set to be a three-vs-three battle in[...]
Pearl Abyss Makes Major Changes To Shadow Arena Gameplay
Pearl Abyss announced they have made major changes to the gameplay of Shadow Arena, greatly affecting the game moving forward The game has officially ditched the battle royale mode and has shifted over toward a 3-v-3 mode moving forward According to the devs, the change comes "after an extensive review of player feedback during early[...]
Shadow Arena Gets A New Team-Based Trio Mode
Pearl Abyss added a new update into Shadow Arena this week as there's a new team-based 3-v-3 mode for you to fight and earn glory in The new mode is simply called Trio Mode and it pits three-person teams against each other in the arena You have the ability to revive, attack, and strategize as[...]
Auto Draft
Pearl Abyss has added a new character to the Early Access version of Shadow Arena as you can now play with Ba-Ri and Heilang This is going to be a very different character than what you're used to in the arena as Ba-ri commands her faithful beast companion Heilang to perform devastating combo attacks, while[...]
Pearl Abyss Has Added A Deathmatch Mode To Shadow Arena
Pearl Abyss announced today that Shadow Arena has received a new free mode for the game as you can now battle in Deathmatch The devs added a brand new update, which you can read the full notes here, adding in the mode for everyone to enjoy In this mode, two teams of five will be pitted[...]
Shadow Arena Adds A New Playable Hero With Sura
Players now have a new combatant to play as in Shadow Arena this week as Pearl Abyss has added Sura to the mix The character is, to say the least, a dexterous and aggressive ninja that will be a melee player's delight for those who love up-close-and-personal combat He is essentially a glass cannon, however,[...]
Shadow Arena Adds Igrid And Starts A Two-Week Free Trial
Pearl Abyss has added a new character to Shadow Arena as Igrid joins the fight, along with two free weeks of the game The brand new character is Igrid, as she becomes the 14th Hero to enter the arena, as she specializes in close-range combat using her axe and shield Basically you're getting one hell[...]
Shadow Arena Is Coming To Consoles With A New Character
Pearl Abyss has revealed that Shadow Arena is coming to consoles and bringing with it a new playable hero to the mix The devs are currently developing the game for both PS4 and Xbox One, with the plan to release it later this year No word yet if a PS5 or Xbox Series X build[...]
Pearl Abyss Has Added The Lahn To Shadow Arena In Latest Update
A new update has been added to Shadow Arena this morning, as Pearl Abyss has taken the Lahn character and thrown them into the right The character is designed to be more of an up-close fighter, not necessarily a brawler, but someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty in the middle of a[...]
Interview: Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Kwang Sam Kim For "Shadow Arena"
Pearl Abyss has finally released Shadow Arena, sort of, as the game has now entered the Early Access system on Steam The Black Desert version of a battle royale game has been in beta testing for a while now to work out the kinks, but now we have an official version you can play, albeit[...]
Shadow Arena Early Access
Pearl Abyss announced this morning that after months of beta testing, Shadow Arena will be headed to Steam's Early Access The company's upcoming 40 player hero action battle royale game will be made live on their servers on May 21st There wasn't a lot of added details to this beyond the release date and the[...]
Shadow Arena Final Beta
Would you like to try out the beta of Shadow Arena on PC when it kicks off next week? We got 50k codes for anyone to try it out to give away If you've missed our previous coverage of the game, this is basically the battle royale version of Black Desert You get to take[...]
Jordine Ducas: Shadow Arena Hero Spotlight
As Pearl Abyss gears up for the next beta to take place in Shadow Arena, they're now starting to do character reveals, starting with Jordine Ducas One of the few things we haven't really talked about when previewing the game is that all of the characters you choose from are pre-made versions of the character[...]
Interview: Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Kwang Sam Kim For "Shadow Arena"
Pearl Abyss will be giving players one more shot at a closed beta for Shadow Arena, as the game will be holding one more event in mid-April According to the info they sent out, the beta will take place from April 17th-19th, 2020, and will be available for the North American, European, and Asian servers[...]