GRIME: Colors Of Rot Set To Be Released In Mid-December

Akupara Games and Clover Bite have confirmed the next GRIME expansion, Colors Of Rot, will be coming out on December 15th. The update is basically giving players a ton of content that they've been asking for and its finally come to fruition, including new bosses, abilities, weapons, traits, and more. All of it completely free to be released on PC and consoles at the same time. We got the trailer and more dev notes on it for you below.

GRIME: Colors Of Rot Set To Be Released In Mid-December
Credit: Akupara Games

"In GRIME, you control a nameless embodiment of destruction and hack and slash your way through an aberrant landscape where rock-formed monsters rule. Armed with various "living weapons" and a black hole head, you consume the essence of the fallen to strengthen your vessel and unlock powerful upgrades. In the first expansion, Colors of Rot, you'll be able to discover new abilities, new weapons, and new enemies that are champing at the bit just go get a piece of you. Explore the new area, Childbed, and discover the horrifying mysteries that lie within. With new weapons like the Bowaxes (yes, they are both axes and a bow,) new abilities like Hover, new bosses, and a whole new area called Childbed to explore, Colors of Rot adds plenty to your favorite soulslike metroidvania."

"In addition, you can expect major performance optimizations and a bunch of highly requested changes and features. One such example is the ability to equip weapons that are below the stat requirement for a steep damage penalty. In total, the update includes:

  • A new, massive area.
  • New Bosses.
  • New Abilities.
  • New Traits.
  • New Enemies.
  • New Weapons.
  • New Music.
  • New NPC interactions.
  • A New Cinematic.
  • Hidden backtracking challenges as a reward for re-visiting previously explored areas.
  • Refreshable Healing that can be collected by hunting down runners.
  • The ability to refight endgame variations of bosses after defeating the final boss.
  • New Achievements.

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