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Materia Collective Releases The Darkside Detective's Soundtrack
Spooky Doorway and Akupara Games have finally revealed the last DLC for The Darkside Detective: A Fumble In The Dark The final piece of the puzzle will be added to the creepy but fun adventures you solve cases with your cop sidekick that revolve around the paranormal and demonic All within your city that seems[...]
Rain World: Downpour Set For Release In January 2023
Akupara Games and Videocult have released new details for Rain World: Downpour, as the new content will drop in January This DLC expansion will expand on the game's storyline as you will be headed into a brand new area to help out five new characters with different abilities and personalities find their way through a[...]
Akupara Interactive Announces New Game: Sorry We're Closed
Akupara Games and indie developer à la mode has revealed their latest game, Sorry We're Closed, which will be coming out sometime next year This game is designed to be a straight-up throwback to horror games of old, as you will be thrust into a space that you quite don't understand Populated with individuals who[...]
Akupara Games Reveals Cryptmaster Coming To Steam
Akupara Games announced this week they will be releasing the creepy narrative adventure game Cryptmaster on Steam Developed by Paul Hart and Lee Williams, this is an artistic dungeon adventure where words control everything It will be up to you to fill in the blanks with text or voice when new challenges are presented before[...]
Rain World Announces Downpour DLC On The Way
Akupara Games revealed new DLC is on the way for Rain World, as players will soon experience the complete Downpour Developer Videocult has put together what looks to be an amazing pack of content as they are introducing a number of new levels, as well as co-op mode where you can team up with three[...]
Darkside Detective Releases Second Free DLC Story
Akupara Games and developer Spooky Doorway have released a new DLC story for their bizarre and paranormal title The Darkside Detective The story is called "One Flew Into The Cuckoo's Nest", the second of three bonus cases they are adding to the game after having such a successful run with this sequel This particular case[...]
Akupara Games Will Publish The Upcoming Rain World DLC
Akupara Games revealed this week that they will be publishing the latest DLC content for Rain World with the upcoming Downpour The news of the new DLC came out during the game's fifth-anniversary developer stream, in which Videocult confirmed that Akupara will take over all of the existing Rain World products as a publisher Not[...]
The Darkside Detective Releases New Free Winter DLC
Akupara Games and Spooky Doorway came out with their own holiday update for The Darkside Detective as you got a new DLC The team wanted to make sure you had a new case you work on over the holiday, so they put together a special Winter DLC pack that brings about the spirit of Christmas[...]
Iam8bit Will Be Releasing A Special Edition Of Etherborn
iam8bit is stoked to (upside down) *high five* with publisher Akupara Games to finally offer this ingenious game as a physical edition It's a true beauty!… Etherborn is a surreal puzzle experience, in which players traverse warping and shifting environments – challenging preconceptions of space and gravity Their avatar, a curiously translucent creation, is able to adhere to surfaces that twist[...]
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble In The Dark Will Come Out Mid-April
Akupara Games and Spooky Doorway revealed when we'll be seeing the first chapter to Season Two of The Darkside Detective The Darkside Detective: A Fumble In The Dark will officially drop onto PC, all three major consoles (including next-gen), and Stadia on April 15th, bringing a full detective adventure in glorious pixel art for you[...]
Clover Bite Drops Its Latest Gameplay Video For Grime
The game will be published by Akupara Games, but it has yet to even receive a release window. Embody destruction to take out your foes Courtesy of Clover Bite. In Grime, you embody destruction in the form of a humanoid black-hole You hack, slash, and bash your enemies into oblivion using a wide variety of "living weapons"[...]
Spinch Will Get A Physical Edition For Switch & Vinyl Soundtrack
Akupara Games has teamed up with iam8bit to produce a physical edition of Spinch for the Nintendo Switch with a vinyl soundtrack The game came out this past Fall and has done pretty well, which was aided by the quirky gameplay and loveable designs Now you can get a physical copy of the game for[...]
Akupara Games Announces The Darkside Detective: Season 2 For 2021
Akupara Games announced this week that sometime in 2021, they will be releasing Season Two of The Darkside Detective Working with developer Spooky Doorway, the devs will be bringing the game back for another round of adventures as you solve six new point-and-click mysteries surrounding ghosts, the afterlife, the occult, and more We got more[...]
Trippy Indie Platformer Spinch Launches September For PC, Switch
Indie developer Queen Bee Games and publisher Akupara Games' kaleidoscopic platformer Spinch will be launching in September! The visually-trippy game will be launching for Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam, on September 3rd of this year. Key art for the trippy indie platformer Spinch, developed by Queen Bee Games and published by Akupara Games. Spinch, a side-scroller[...]
Relic Hunters Zero Remix Main Art
Akupara Games revealed this week that they'll be launching Relic Hunters Zero: Remix on the Nintendo Switch next month The latest game in the Relic Hunters series, you'll be taking these loveable characters and their big shiny guns into the big wide world of relic hunting as you try to gain all of them and[...]
Desert Child Finally Receives a December Release Date
Akupara Games officially announced today that their upcoming game Desert Child will finally be released on PC and consoles next month After a successful weekend at Day of the Devs in San Francisco this weekend, we now know the game will be released on Steam, GOG, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on December 11th We[...]
Memory at a Party: We Played UFO A Go-Go at PAX West
Akupara Games brought in a brand new card game to PAX West that put our memory to the challenge as we tested UFO A Go-Go The game is a multiplayer challenge in memory as you and the other players are aliens throwing your own parties Every time you draw a card, yo get a new[...]
Dealing With Aliens in Everyday Life With Desert Child at E3
One of the cool Indie Cade titles at E3 that caught our eye roaming through the area was this arcade setup for Desert Child by Akupara Games This game is straight-up inspired by anime shows like Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Redline, where you basically deliver pizzas and race your bike in a world with aliens and bounty[...]
RPGing To The Beat: We Review 'Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor'
But can this game capture the magic of the other with a different genre or it is simply a clone? We downloaded the game to PS4 and gave it a fair shot. credit//Akupara Games Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor is side-scrolling RPG that uses story and fighting mechanics from other titles and meshes them with a semi-modern[...]