Guild Wars 2 Brings Back Twisted Marionette After Seven Years

Arenanet has brought back the Twisted Marionette to Guild Wars 2 after being missing from the series for seven years. The last time we saw the imposing figure was in Living World Season 1, but now they have returned to the game joined by a new Legendary Armory. The update also comes with a new quality of life feature that will provide players a comprehensive way to catalog and store their treasured Legendary gear. You can read more details on the latest addition below and get the complete notes here.

Yeah, that doesn't look scary at all, courtesy of ArenaNet.
Yeah, that doesn't look scary at all, courtesy of ArenaNet.

Shortly before she launched her war on Lion's Arch, Scarlet used Lornar's Pass as a testing ground for her colossal watchwork superweapon, the Twisted Marionette. An army of heroes organized a multi-pronged assault strategy, destroying Scarlet's forces, surviving the Marionette's attacks, and severing the chains tethering it to The Breachmaker. Until now, the Marionette has lain scrapped in False River Valley. But on July 13, one of the most memorable battles of Living World Season 1 returns to Guild Wars 2, with some adjustments to bring it up to modern Guild Wars 2 design standards, as well as new achievements. Accessed from the Eye of the North scrying pool, players can join their guild mates and other adventurers for what PC Gamer called one of the "best… boss fights in PC Gaming".

In addition, the July 13 update also includes the Legendary Armory, a new approach for unlocking and using their collection of prestige Legendary gear. The Legendary Armory can be accessed from the equipment tab of the hero panel. With this major quality of life update, players will now have access to their Legendary equipment across all characters on their account, meaning they will no longer need to use valuable shared inventory slots in order to transfer them between characters. It will also provide a tighter integration for Legendary gear in the Equipment Templates interface as well as remove their transmutation cost.

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