Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review: An Unforgivable Truth Part 2

After a Second-Year Anniversary event that was pretty unanimously considered a disappointment by the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, can Niantic redeem themselves in what may be the most anticipated Brilliant Event yet? This event was hyped to have a major reveal, so it had a lot to live up to. Let's see if it managed to topple the expectations and make up for the lackluster Anniversary Event.

An Unforgivable Truth graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
An Unforgivable Truth graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The Story: The twist wasn't shocking, exactly, but it came through and will have lasting implications. I'll do a dedicated piece on where the game can go from here, but I think Niantic is doing a good job telling this ongoing Wizarding World narrative and increasing the stakes as they go along.
  • Characterization: It's a tough balance. Niantic has to keep the player as the main moving force in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite while also acknowledging that its most interesting when Harry and Hermione are moving events forward. As a result of that, we've been getting more Hermione recently, and the way that she handled the investigation of the mole in the Ministry of Magic felt clever and perfectly in character. While this isn't a perfect game, as its non-Brilliant Events often demonstrate, it comes through on the narrative front with a higher quality story that fans had any right to expect. Kudos.

What didn't work in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The Self-Playing Harp tasks: One of these tasks was enough considering how rare this Foundable was. Including two tasks based on a non-Brilliant Foundable that was hardly boosted seemed like a move made to show down the event and complicate the Special Assignment, which Niantic had been getting away from. These events should not be easy, but keeping relevant Foundables that rarely made the Assignment a bit more of a drag than recent events.


Overall, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continues to surprise, offering fun gameplay and a storyline that is better than any Wizarding World fan could've possibly expected.

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