Hungrybox Gets a Dead Grab Thrown At Him During a Smash Bros. Event

It looks like one member of the Super Smash Bros. Melee community now has to watch his back at future tournaments after having a crab thrown at him. During the Pound 2019 tournament this past weekend, Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma defeated  Joseph "Mango" Marquez in the grand finals to become champion and added another title to his resume. After the match, just as the two finished shaking hands, someone in the crowd tossed a dead crab at Hungrybox, nearly hitting him in the head. You can see the clip below where it happens, followed by an angry tirade at the crowd for having what is essentially dead meat thrown at him by a salty fan.

After the event, organizers took to Twitter to update the fans about the situation and what they plan to do moving forward. As you can see, they're going to ban him and give his name to other organizers to prevent this from happening again. As to "probably" not releasing his name, it would probably be in their best interest not to do so since we know how rabid fanbases can get when it comes to targeted harassment.

As for Hungrybox, he later apologized on social media for his words, which don't quite come off in the video, but you can tell he was mad as hell for nearly getting decked in the head. No matter how you feel about him, no esports player of any game deserves to have violent actions taken against them, especially during the tournaments. But moving forward, it will be interesting to see which Smash Bros. organizers start checking bags as part of "crab control".

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