IceTorch Interactive Releases Tiny Racer On Nintendo Switch

IceTorch Interactive revealed that they have officially released the game Tiny Racer for the Nintendo Switch today. If you ever grew up playing with Hot Wheels, Matchbox, or Micro Machines, this will be a bit of a throwback for you as you will take to the tiniest streets possible to race around on toy cars. You and another player can race around in three different modes as the game comes with 15 different unique tracks, eight different vehicles, and three modes of difficulty. Hopefully, they'll add more down the line with some DLC content, or perhaps some different skins for the cars. You can snag the game in the eShop right now for $10. If you'd like to see the game in action first, we have the launch trailer for you below along with some more info from the devs.

How far can you go in a plastic car in Tiny Racer? Courtesy of IceTorch Interactive.
How far can you go in a plastic car in Tiny Racer? Courtesy of IceTorch Interactive.

Pick your tiny car, push the gas down and start the great race. Try not to fall on Monkey Bridge. Hold on tight and be careful on the ramps in Forest Jumper. Watch out for sharp turns and be the first in Rock Heaven. Don't let the messy kitchen beat you in Cooking Madness. Speed through sunbeds and surfboards right to the finish line in Beach Party. Play alone or have fun together with your friends, kids or parents. Everything thanks to a well balanced and easy to change difficulty settings and local multiplayer. Start a tournament to unlock new maps. Be the fastest and become the champion. Improve your skills with the time trial. Race on your favorite tracks in arcade mode. Pick a wacky car, choose the absurd track and let the race begin!!! 3… 2… 1… START

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