In-Game Items Coming To "PUBG" Global Championship 2019

PUBG Corp. has revealed some special in-game items for those looking for PUBG Global Championship 2019 unique collectibles. You can see here there are an array of items you can snag that has been branded from this year's tournament art. We got details for you here as to how you can snag them before the championships take place in Oakland from November 23-24.

In-Game Items Coming To "PUBG" Global Championship 2019
Credit: PUBG Corp.

PC and console players will be able to celebrate and gear up for PGC by purchasing an exciting array of exclusive in-game items from Nov. 5-26. Items include a PGC 2019 Clothing Set, Combat Set, M416 Weapon Skin, Dacia Skin, and Victory Dance Emote. 50% of item revenue will be shared amongst participating teams throughout the competition. 25% will go directly to the guaranteed $2 million-dollar USD prize pool, while the other 25% will be shared with teams through the PGC Pick'Em Challenge Event.

The PGC Pick'Em Challenge Event runs from Nov. 5-22 and introduces a way for esport fans to predict the tournament winners and receive exclusive rewards for guessing correctly. Participating PC players will receive an in-game Team Selection Coupon for every initial purchase of an item. Players can also obtain a single Team Selection Coupon by finishing in the top 10 of any public match. Coupons can then be redeemed for an opportunity to predict the winning team, and those who guess correctly will receive an exclusive PGC 2019 Weapon Skin Set, not obtainable anywhere else. The set includes skins for the AKM, SCAR-L, Mini 14, Kar98k, and Pan. For more details on how console players can obtain the exclusive PGC 2019 Weapon Skin Set, please visit the official website.

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