Insurgency: Sandstorm Gets A Massive Update In Operation: Breakaway

Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive released a massive new update to Insurgency: Sandstorm with Operation: Breakaway. This time around, Security forces have gone rogue and joined the Insurgents, as you will now have a hard time telling who are your allies and who are your enemies. Patch 1.8 has added in a new co-op mode, a fresh map, several new weapons, new cosmetics, and more content that we have a little bit more info about below. You can also check out the trailer here before you head off to download the new free update for the game.

Operation: Breakaway comes to Insurgency: Sandstorm, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
Operation: Breakaway comes to Insurgency: Sandstorm, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

Operation: Breakaway's new co-op game mode is Outpost, designed for fast, fun and frenetic defensive action. You'll start with limited equipment and gain more as you work through waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Losing an objective forces you to retreat to a new area to hold — but be careful: you can only fall back so much before it's game. There's also new weapons and attachments to discover in today's update. Security forces get the low-recoil AUG A3 assault rifle, while Insurgents have the high-fire rate FAMAS F1. Weapon customization has expanded, too, with six new weapon upgrades, including new underbarrel shotguns and foregrips for all classes.

Last but not least, Insurgency: Sandstorm's new map — Tell — features a tight style of urban close-quarters combat that's unique from the game's other maps. It squeezes everyone together for more fast-paced action, where the new underbarrel shotguns can really come into play. But there's still plenty of room for multiple flanking routes for more tactical and methodical players. Today's update also includes new cosmetics matching the rogue security theme. Enjoy free outfits on each side with rogue cop uniforms for Insurgents and internal affairs officers for Security. In addition, a Breakaway-themed bundle including four paid DLC packs is out now.

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