IO Interactive Reveals February Roadmap For Hitman 3 Content

IO Interactive has revealed their plans for bonus content coming to Hitman 3 for the month of February with some interesting choices. The developers have decided to continue the content program they did during the last game by offering monthly updates of special challenges as well as DLC content for you to get that will spice up the game in different ways. It was their way of keeping the game active and keeping players interested in various ways with challenges that even hardcore players had issues with. Here's a look at what the devs have in store on their roadmap.

A look at what's to come this month in the game, courtesy of IO Interactive.
A look at what's to come this month in the game, courtesy of IO Interactive.

We're adding new and free content to the game every week in February for all Hitman 3 players. Look out for Featured Contracts coming from MinnMax and KindaFunny, two new Escalations that will challenge your approach and an Elusive Target contract in Sapienza that includes two targets! As well as all of this new content, we're planning a patch in a few weeks that will bring fixes and tweaks to the game. We'll give you a full rundown of what's included and what's changing closer to that time. That patch will also make sure you're prepared for what's still to come… The Initiation Protocol has started.

  • February 4: The Baskerville Barney Escalation

  • February 11: MinnMax Dubai Featured Contracts

  • February 18: The Sinbad Stringent Escalation

  • February 23: Game Update

  • February 23: Kinda Funny Dartmoor Featured Contracts, The Proloff Parable and The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalations

  • February 26 – March 8: The Deceivers Sapienza Elusive Target

The most interesting addition of the bunch to us has to be the Hitman 3 crossover with Kinda Funny, as it appears you will be handling some special contracts that will most likely be chaotic. Have fun with all the new additions this month as we look forward to seeing what else they do with the game.

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