Is It Time to Give Up on Anthem After Three Months of Waiting?

BioWare and EA's Anthem is struggling to hold onto its player base, which is quickly dwindling as the days drag on. It's been three months since the game debuted back in February, and many have given up on playing it altogether.

In my review of Anthem, I mentioned that the game had some promise and definite room to grow. That's still the case today, but after months of no improvement, things do not look great for the game. Sure, there are multiple paths that BioWare and EA can take toward reinvigorating the player base and dealing with the shooter's many problems, but they haven't taken steps down any of those roads yet.

Is It Time to Give Up on Anthem After Three Months of Waiting?

We may have finally hit the point where Anthem either needs a massive overhaul to survive or should just go quietly into the night the way Mass Effect: Andromeda did. Sure, games have come back from worse after a much longer period of time. Several of those games were ones I cited in my article about how Anthem can save itself. However, those were also special cases. No one expected Destiny: The Taken King to take off the way it did and most publishers don't have the time, energy, or patience to completely reboot a game the way Square Enix did with Final Fantasy XIV.

And considering EA's "support" of Anthem during their latest investor call, it doesn't look good for the state of the game moving forward. Because, despite EA's promise to support the game, they spent absolutely no time discussing it with investors. Which is never a good sign. The Andromeda exit seems even more likely than it did just a few weeks ago.

Of course, there is always hope as long as people play the game, that one day it will get the development it needs and become an actually enjoyable experience. But until that day comes, perhaps yes, it is time. And with that, it's also time to stop reporting on the game's success every other day.

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