Japan's September 2021 Pokémon TCG Merch Features Umbreon, Elesa

A new wave of merch has been announced by the Japanese Pokémon TCG. This Pokémon Center Japan-exclusive merch will include deck boxes, sleeves, and more featuring Pokémon such as Umbreon, Sylveon, and Emolga, and trainers including Elesa who is expected to get a Full Art in the Japanese set, Fusion Arts, releasing tomorrow.

TPC accessories. Credit: Pokémon TCG
TPC accessories. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Some of these new Pokémon Center Japan products include:

  • Grassy Garden Card Sleeves featuring Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Sunflora, Sudowoodo, Hoppip, Rowlet, Shaymin, and more.
  • Grassy Garden Deck Box featuring Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Shaymin, and more.
  • Umbreon Card Sleeves featuring Moon Ball artwork.
  • Umbreon Card File featuring Moon Ball artwork.
  • Mewtwo Card Sleeves featuring Master Ball artwork.
  • Sylveon Card Sleeves featuring Love Ball artwork.
  • Sylveon Card File featuring Love Ball artwork.
  • Piplup's Daily Life Card Sleeves featuring Piplup and Oshawott.
  • Piplup's Daily Life Deck Box featuring Piplup and Empoleon.
  • Elesa's Holiday Card Sleeves featuring Elesa, Emolga, and Zebstrika.
  • Elesa's Holiday Deck Box featuring Elesa, Emolga, and Zebstrika.
  • Dynamax Mew Card Sleeves featuring the Pokémon TCG: Fusion Arts official pack art.
  • Dynamax Mew Deck Box featuring the Pokémon TCG: Fusion Arts official pack art.
  • Dynamax Mew Large Deck Box featuring the Pokémon TCG: Fusion Arts official pack art.
  • Latios and Latias Assist Card Sleeves.
  • Latios and Latias Assist Large Deck Box.
  • Chandelure Card Sleeves.
  • Smeargle Card Sleeves.
  • High Class Black Card Box.

These Pokémon TCG products will be released tomorrow in Japan along with Fusion Arts. I think this selection shows how Japanese accessories go the extra mile. The major area — in fact, the only area — where I find the English-language TCG lacking is the card sleeves, which are matte and a bit boring at times. Their biggest sin? Starting with 2021's offerings, they have a foggy surface that dulls the appearance of the artwork. The sleeves from Japan are buttery smooth and perfectly clear, with intensely amazing artwork. While I dramatically prefer how the English-language Pokémon TCG handles both major expansion releases and promo cards, it'd be nice to see them directly adapt Japan's merch like this and release it for international audiences.

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