Kova, The Side-Scrolling Action RPG, Needs Your Help


Black Hive's Kova is a former Steam Greenlight project that has now moved it's way over to Kickstarter. The game is a side-scrolling action RPG and basically looks really freaking cool. The game was successful in it's Greenlight campaign and looks like it's going to continue that success with Kickstarter. The game's goal is also pretty low, sitting at a cool $28,000 USD. It's less than halfway funded as of press time, but still has more than a week to go. It's an all or nothing campaign, so it's only getting made if they make their goal by next Wednesday.

The project is a throwback, as many indie projects are. It's been made in the style of Metroid or Castlevania but with a more modern, sci-fi flare. Kova's campaign teases a free playable demo, but only for backers. Which is a bit of a let-down, but I do understand why it's a backers-only sort of perk. Would have been nice to test it out before deciding as some other Kickstarter's have done, and that might have been a factor into how it's not been fully funded yet. Because, based on the various trailers and updates the team have put together, this one should have been in the bag. It passed through Greenlight, was picked up by PC Gamer, but still isn't at half-way after 20 days on the campaign trail.

You can check out the Kova project here. The latest trailer, named 'Isolation,' is below. I'd definitely recommend a look.


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