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Scout Comics Expands With New COO Lesa Miller and More Key Hires
In this year racked by uncertainty for many, the indie publisher that launched in 2015 has seen major growth with the hiring of White Ash creator Charlie Stickney as co-publisher, the introduction of their comic book vending machines, the debut of multiple imprints for their upcoming launches, and a series of announcements for 2021 releases that shows[...]
Black Mask is Back: Devil Within & Survival Fetish Release Next Week
The indie powerhouse publisher that delivered such subversive series as We Can Never Go Home and Kim & Kim has been back at it recently with some new major announcements this month As the comics industry returns to a state of… somewhat normalcy (though, in this industry, what really is "normal" anyway?), Black Mask Studios has begun to[...]
Metalshark Bro Volume 2 #1 Review:
With a professional letterer, a role that has gone under-appreciated much to the disservice of the indie comics such a person could save, and a stern editor, this could be an all-ages comic that parents would enjoy reading with their kids. The Adventures of Byron is a new all-ages one-shot from Scout Comics, who has[...]
Indie Party Crasher Simulator Game Announced For PC And Switch
Indie game developer and publisher Glob Games Studio have announced their plans to launch their upcoming game, Party Crasher Simulator, on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and, according to their announcement, "most likely, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X[…]". Party Crasher Simulator is slated for a release on July 1st of 2021. Key art for[...]
Developer Friend & Foe Reveals Screenshots and Trailer for Vane
This week at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, indie Japanese developer Friend & Foe revealed new screenshots and a trailer for Vane The game is going to be a PS4 exclusive title and it was revealed we would be seeing it released on January 15th, 2019 This game looks pretty amazing with the art design and[...]
Indie Space Shoot 'Em Up 'Rigid Force Alpha' Will Launch Later This Month
The game is a classic SHMUP action game from indie studio com8com1, which is made up of former ANNO, Might and Magic Heroes, and Golden Sun devs So they do know what they're doing when it comes to making immersive genre games. The intent behind Rigid Force Alpha is to try and recapture the feel of classic shoot'em up games[...]
Nintendo Highlights New Indie Titles With "Nintendo x Indies" Trailer
Stepping back from the indie games argument with Xbox and PS4, Nintendo is making a strong effort to start making indie titles feel welcome on the Nintendo Switch The company will be creating a new division that they're calling "Nindies", but the finer details of what that section will entail are unknown at this point[...]