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Marko: Beyond Brave Launches Kickstarter Campaign On July 13th
Independent video game developer Studio Mechka has announced that their 2-dimensional Metroidvania game, Marko: Beyond Brave, will be launching its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign tomorrow, July 13th The Kickstarter campaign's full funding will allow the developers the ability to create and produce the full game, which they have announced is planned to be released on Steam[...]
Terror Trumps Card Game Fully Funded On Kickstarter, 2 Days Left
Comic book writer Rik Hoskin and comic book illustrators Tim Brown and Chatri Ahpornsiri have been hard at work with a crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter to get Terror Trumps, a stylistic "Trump" card game with retro horror designs, funded and more At this time, the card game is beyond full funding, and with less than two days to go,[...]
Crossroads Inn Board Game To Be Published By Klabater, Out Q4 2022
The press announcement of the board game continues with the following decree: "To avoid a bloody civil war, a deal is made, and an honorable bet is born: whoever builds the best inn will become not only the "king" of local gastronomy but also the king of all of Yorevale!" The infographic that Klabater has sent[...]
Eleven: Football Manager Board Game Draft Live On Gamefound
Tabletop game developer Portal Games has announced that the campaign draft for their soccer manager simulator board game, the Eleven: Football Manager Board Game, is now live on Gamefound's crowdfunding website. Eleven is a one to four-player game where players take on the roles of different managers of European-style football teams in an effort to allow[...]
Marvel United: X-Men Crowdfunding Campaign Launched On Kickstarter
UPDATE: As an update to this story, Marvel United: X-Men has become fully-funded three times over in less than four hours, with initial funding achieved in only ten minutes! With 21 days left to back this Kickstarter campaign, there is still plenty of time. CMON, the tabletop gaming developer once known as CoolMiniOrNot, has launched the Kickstarter campaign[...]
Mythic Legions Tactics Deluxe Orc Builder Figure Sets Coming Soon
The next Mythic Legions crowdfunding campaign is almost underway, and fans get a glimpse at what is to come Two special male and female deluxe Orc army building kits have been revealed that are packed with swappable parts and weapons Mythic Legions fans will now be able to create their own army of Orcs for[...]
PopCultivator Launches As Crowdfunded Fan-Owned Comic Book Studio
PopCultivator, a new comic book studio launched a public offering today through equity crowdfunding platform, WeFunder, where investors can buy in from $100 up And the executive team have some familiar names. Josh Blaylock, Chief Creative & Executive Officer, and owner/publisher of Devil's Due Comics. Mark Powers, Consulting Editor and former Senior Editor X-Men editor. Shawn DePasquale, Director[...]
A New Wave of Indie Creators Is Upending Mainstream Comics
A wave of crowdfunding comics creators has been building from a quiet rumble into a roar in recent years, to the point where the strength of this indie movement has been impossible to ignore With creators using platforms like Kickstarter to build their businesses and create their art, what can mainstream publishers offer them that[...]
It's Alive! Launches IndieGoGo to Publish Justin Madson's Breathers
It's Alive! has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to publish the first issue of its next series, Breathers by Justin Madson The comic, the first of ten issues, features several short stories set in a dystopian world where the air is dangerous thanks to a virus, forcing everyone who inhabits it to wear breathing masks[...]
Kickstarter at 10 Years: The Past, Present, and Future of Games Crowdfunding
Not only that, the costs of bringing the game to market are handled by the backers of the project, who pledge their money up front in exchange for an early copy of the game. We had the opportunity to talk with Luke Crane, Kickstarter's head of games, and Anya Combs, senior games outreach lead for the[...]
Spanish Publisher of DC Comics to Crowdfund Kamandi Omnibus
El Catálogo del Cómic, the company which holds the license to publish DC Comics in Spain and Latin America, plans to release a complete collection of Jack Kirby's Kamandi, and in a first for the company, they're using crowdfunding to edit the book ECC announced the news on their website, launching a crowdfunding campaign on[...]
The #CaptainMarvelChallenge Wants to Help Young Girls See 'Captain Marvel' In Theaters
Remember when Black Panther released and a few different crowdfunding campaigns hit in order to raise money to allow underprivileged youngsters the chance to see the groundbreaking film in theaters?  It's happening again for another Marvel Studios film- Captain Marvel. We think we should make sure girls have an opportunity to see this movie[...]