KungFu Kickball Will Kick Its Way Into Early Access On April 13th

Blowfish Games revealed this week that we'll finally be seeing KungFu Kickball get released, but only onto Early Access on April 13th. We had firsts been this game all the way back at PAX East 2019, which feels like a lifetime ago, and we loved playing it with people on the floor. Back then the game didn't look nearly as polished as it does not in the trailer we have for you here. But the principals are basically the same as you or with a friend as a team will fight the other side in a battle of both KungFu as well as kickball to score points in a masterful competition. Until the game drops in a couple of weeks, you can read up on here here and see it in action.

DO you have what it takes to overcome the kills of your opponent and score points? Courtesy of Blowfish Studios.
Do you have what it takes to overcome the kills of your opponent and score points? Courtesy of Blowfish Studios.
Dive into a winning combo of competitive gaming that mixes the intensity of martial arts with the speed of sports. Join the fray in chaotic showdowns, outmaneuvering opponents on the field to slash a bouncing ball into a gigantic bell that clangs to signal every score. KungFu Kickball's Early Access launch includes five arenas to compete in and five classes to master. Take on all comers as the agile Assassin, heavy-hitting Old Master, well-rounded Monk, the unpredictable Drunken Boxer, and an unlockable special character in 1v1 and 2v2 online or local multiplayer matches.
Hone each character's skills in training mode. Designed with an intuitive three-button control scheme for pick-up-and-play accessibility, KungFu Kickball is all about momentum, reaction, and execution. Combine jumps, attacks, and short-range teleport dashes into an athletic dance of offensive flurries and defensive stands. KungFu Kickball will support English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language options at launch.

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