GameStop To Host Pokémon TCG Giveaway For Chilling Reign Release

A new Pokémon TCG promotion is coming to GameStop. On the release date of the upcoming expansion, Sword & Sheild: Chilling Reign, you will be able to get a free stamped promo card. Let's get into the details.

Logos. Credit: GameStop & Pokémon TCG.
Logos. Credit: GameStop & Pokémon TCG.

Pokémon TCG will release their upcoming set, Sword & Shield – Chilling Reign, on June 18th, 2021. On the day of release, GameStop will be giving out promo cards stamped with their company logo. The card has been confirmed to feature Sandaconda.

This will very likely be a reprint card from a main series expansion rather than a new promo. If GameStop continues with their current pattern, which we saw them do with their Flapple promo card for the Battle Styles release, the card will feature galaxy foil rather than the holographic bar style used on the original Sandaconda card.

Now, in order to get this promo, customers will have to spend $15 or more on Pokémon TCG products. All I can say is that I hope GameStops around the country have planned for this, because people are going to come out in droves to get the cards. For the Flapple promotional giveaway that launched for the Sword & Shield – Battle Styles release, GameStop had put into effect a limit on how many Pokémon products could be bought so that more people could participate in the giveaway.

For those simply looking to buy packs of Chilling Reign, your best bet is to know the difference between big box stores (GameStop, Target), standard local game stores, and tournament-official local game stores. Tournament-official local game stores were able to sell Chilling Reign Build & Battle Boxes this past weekend and, as a result of their partnership with the Pokémon TCG, will be able to begin selling Chilling Reign booster packs and booster boxes beginning on Monday, June 14th ahead of the wide release on Friday, June 18th.

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