LEGO Star Wars Battles Has Launched Into Apple Arcade

WB Games and TT Games officially launched LEGO Star Wars Battles into Apple Arcade this weekend as they bring the experience to iOS users. Prior to the release, we were given a chance to check the game out in a special preview session with some of the developers and got the full experience of what the game had to offer. This game is essentially an action strategy game where they put the Star Wars characters and places into the mix, giving you the chance to fight with the Rebel Alliance or The Empire. You have a general that runs the battlefield deciding what can be placed where and for what amount of time. You can make any character you have access to a general, even the droids R2-D2 and C-3pO. The goal of every battle is to destroy the enemy base ship, which you'll do by building towers that will shoot at anything, as well as deploying troops, ships, and special characters to fight on your behalf. Each player has an allotment of energy that slowly increases over time to help them build more units, as well as a timer on how soon you can build more across five Building Pads on the map.

LEGO Star Wars Battles To Be Released As An Apple Arcade Exclusive
Credit: WB Games

As you can see from the images below, they take you across a ton of areas from the Star Wars universe, going from the prequels all the way to the latest films and TV shows. You'll have access to a ton of units to play with, including Tanks, Ariel Unites, AOE, Grouped Units, Stunners, Snipers, and Strikers. You'll also be given champions as part of your resources, which are all of the main characters in the franchise. Luke, Han, Leia, Rey, Obi-Wan, Vader, Finn, etc. When they hit the field they can take out multiple units and put a dent in the enemy, but they are not invincible and are rare in some instances. And once they die on the field, it will take a long time for one to come back.

The combat is pretty smooth for a mobile title, even when you're playing against someone else. Your connection will matter to keep up with what's happening on the screen, but for the most part, as long as you have at least two bars on the wi-fi, you should be good. LEGO Star Wars Battles is totally worth your time to check out when you have a moment, although it is an Apple Arcade exclusive, so you'll need an iOS device to play.

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