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LEGO Returns Harry Potter Fans to Year 1 With New Sets
The LEGO Wizarding World continues to grow as the company reveals new Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone are on the way In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the film's debut, these sets are perfect collectibles for the occasion Two sets have been reveals featuring two iconic moments from the film, starting with the[...]
Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess Comes To LEGO With New Anniversary Set
It has been 20 years since the on-screen phenomenon of Harry Potter, and LEGO is ready to celebrate Not long ago, we saw the company announce that special gold Wizarding World mini-figures were on the way It was unclear how they were going to releases, and we now have our confirmation as new LEGO Harry[...]
LEGO Announces Looney Tunes Minifigures Are On Their Way
LEGO has been teasing new mini-figures that were coming soon, and all has been revealed with the Looney Tunes! Everyone's favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon comes to life in amazing LEGO format as 12 iconic wacky toons are ready to create some chaos and laughter in your own sets Each character is loaded with blocky detail[...]
LEGO Vidiyo Creates A Fun Musical Experience For Any Builder
LEGO recently sent us an amazing box of goodies featuring some of their 2021 building sets One of those sets was the brand new LEGO Vidiyo kit that allows builders to create their own music videos There are six sets available featuring six unique music-themed minifigures like Party Llama, Candy Mermaid, Alien DJ, and more[...]
LEGO Gives Us A Closer Look At Some of The Popular 2021 Sets
One of those activities is LEGO, and they have been creating some remarkable sets lately Some of the biggest sets are from LEGO Ideas giving fans truly Incredibles sets from Winnie the Pooh, LEGO Knights, and so much more Our friends over at LEGO wanted us to show off some of the hottest building sets[...]
LEGO Reveals Golden Harry Potter Minifigures For 20th Anniversary Sets
Collectibles have played a big part in the rising fandom of this legendary series, and LEGO captures a lot of the magic with their sets Some of the original sets include Hagrid's Hut, Sorting Hat, Hogwarts Express, and Troll on the Loose Each of these LEGO sets brought the magic of Harry Potter to life[...]
Build The Batman Cowl With LEGO’s Newest Helmet Model Set
LEGO continues to expand their replica helmet collection as this time they dive into the world of DC Comics Batman kicks off this helmet series as collectors can build the Dark Knight's cowl Coming in at 410 pieces, this replica cowl stands 8.5 inches high when displayed on its base Collectors can bring home the[...]
LEGO Reveals Vader, Scout Trooper Helmets, and Probe Droid Sets
One of LEGO's newest hit products is their model kits that capture iconic helmets in block form We have already seen quite a few of these releases with Iron Man, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett LEGO is taking fans back to a galaxy far, far away with three new model sets coming our way the first[...]
LEGO Blasts OFF With New NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Model Set
Space is the final frontier, and LEGO is helping fans explore it as they announce their new NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model set The set is 2,354 pieces and captures the historical 1990 STS-31 mission that delivered the Hubble Telescope to space The entire ship is packed with remarkable detail, and features, from working landing[...]
Carnage Gets Special Buildable Replica Head From LEGO
LEGO continues their replica head model as they unveil their newest one from Marvel Comics The town is about to be painted red as Carnage is back and ready for some fun with LEGO Standing 7" tall, Carnage contains 545 bricks and his terrifying sharp teeth as with an included study base with plaque This[...]
Build Your Own LEGO Music Video With New LEGO VIDIYO Sets
LEGO is here to bring your music-loving ideas to life with their newest creation, LEGO VIDIYO There are six playsets available now, each with a special LEGO mini-figure that comes in a BeatBox Each box measures 3x2x3 and can come to life with the special VIDIYO app allowing kids and collectors to direct and star[...]
Winnie the Pooh Comes to LEGO With New Ideas Building Set
LEGO Ideas is taking fans back to the 100 Acre Woods, and they unveil their new Winnie the Pooh set The set features 1,265 pieces, and 5 mini-figures are included with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Rabbit Collectors will be able to build Pooh Bear's house under the big oak tree that is[...]
Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone LEGO Set Coming Soon
LEGO has announced a partnership with SEGA as the new Lego Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set picks up heat LEGO Ideas is not a new concept, and we have seen quite a few sets come out of it recently, like 123 Sesame Street and Medieval Knights Blacksmith The Ideas concept allows fans to submit their[...]
Medieval LEGO Knights Return with New LEGO Ideas Blacksmith Set
LEGO fans are in for a real treat as LEGO Ideas is bringing back a classic set design from the past The iconic Medieval Knights are back and better than ever with a new 2,164 piece set The Medieval Blacksmith set is a 3-level building that is packed with great detail, even a furnished bedroom[...]
LEGO Celebrates 10 Years of NINJAGO With New City Gardens Set
LEGO is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the world of NINJAGO with a brand new set known as Gardens City This massive playset is packed with detail and comes in at 5,685 pieces, is 5 tiers high, and stands roughly 29" tall This is one NINJAGO set that is packed full of mini shops from[...]