LifeAfter Is Getting A Crossover Event With Resident Evil

LifeAfter players will be getting a special surprise as NetEase Games and Capcom have come together for a special Resident Evil crossover event. The game's world will go through a bit of a transformation starting on August 27th as it will suddenly look a lot more like Raccoon City and come with the RPD, where you'll take on the role of a few familiar characters trying to defend the city. When the joint event goes online, you'll be able to login for free special rewards including an Ada Wong figurine, a special joint event picture frame, and a Supplies Gift Pack (Special Pickaxe, Heart Pacemaker, 10 Berries, and 3 Bandage). You can register to take part in the event at the link above, and we have more details of what it will actually entail below. No word on when it will come to a close.

Defend the city against Umbrella Corp. in this special LifeAfter x Resident Evil event, courtesy of NetEase Games.
Defend the city against Umbrella Corp. in this special LifeAfter x Resident Evil event, courtesy of NetEase Games.

The collaboration starts with an invasion of the LifeAfter world by the notorious Umbrella Corp., a pharmaceutical conglomerate with shady motives from Resident Evil, bringing its iconic elements into the LifeAfter universe. Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.) will be introduced as a special scene for the collaboration, where four characters from the Resident Evil universe will make an appearance as bosses. Plus, there will be rich log-in rewards waiting. It'll be a total upgrade from content to bonus. Four secret bosses will appear in the R.P.D. collaboration scene, bringing exciting new experience to survivors. Special items and outfits from classic Resident Evil characters will also be added. Please wait for more detailed information. More puzzles are waiting for survivors to explore! The mysterious footprints on the main road, the huge Umbrella Corp. logo, the classic Raccoon City traffic sign – they all cast a grim shadow on the Hope 101 camp, heralding an imminent crisis.

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