Little Nightmares 2 Reveals Online-Exclusive "Stay Tuned" Bundle

Bandai Namco revealed a special online-exclusive this week for Little Nightmares 2 called the "Stay Tuned" Bundle. Along with a new Halloween trailer and a new set of screenshots you can both see below featuring a hospital setting, they showed off the bundle you see here. As you can see, this comes with a figurine of both protagonists, along with a SteelBook case, a book of game art, a soundtrack, and a set of stickers. You can pre-order it now via their website, which will run you $50 and will come out the same day as the game on February 11th, 2021.

A look at the Little Nightmares 2 "Stay Turned" Bundle, courtesy of Bandai Namco.
A look at the Little Nightmares 2 "Stay Turned" Bundle, courtesy of Bandai Namco.
Little Nightmares 2 is a suspense-adventure game in which you play as Mono, a young boy trapped in a world that has been distorted by a mysterious transmission from a distant signal tower. With Six, the girl in a yellow raincoat, Mono sets out to discover the dark secrets of The Signal Tower and save Six from her terrible fate; but their journey will not be easy as Mono and Six will face an array of new threats from the terrible residents of this world. Will you dare face this collection of new, little nightmares?
  • PLAY A DARK, THRILLING, SUSPENSE ADVENTURE: A host of brand-new residents lie in wait to haunt your steps and disturb your sleep. Outsmart the sadistic teacher, survive the bloodthirsty hunter and flee from many more terrifying characters, as Mono and Six journey through this world together.
  • DISCOVER A FANTASTICAL WORLD CORRUPTED BY THE SIGNAL TOWER: Escape a world that's rotten from the inside. Your journey will take you from creepy woodlands to sinister schools on your way to the dreadful Signal Tower. Find the source of the evil that spreads through the TV screens of the world.
  • AWAKEN YOUR INNER CHILD TO SAVE SIX FROM THE DARKNESS: Six is fading from this world and her only hope is to journey with Mono to fi nd what has affl icted her from the Signal Tower. In this world of unknown terrors, you are her only beacon of hope. Can you gather up the courage to fend off your tormenters, and work with Six to make sense of The Signal Tower?

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