Magic: Legends Shows Off Equipment & Customization

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have revealed a little more about the equipment and customization in Magic: Legends. One of these areas is super important to your gameplay while the other is pretty much a cosmetic feature, but both look pretty awesome in the game as one adds flavor while the other will help make you a force to be reckoned with. You can read more info on it on their blog here, and we have a small snippet of the info or you below along with a brand new trailer for you to check out. And remember, the Open Beta for the game will officially kick off on March 23rd.

Credit: Perfect World Entertainment
Credit: Perfect World Entertainment

Equipment in Magic: Legends will come in four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic Rare – just like in the tabletop version of Magic: The Gathering. These items will fill a variety of slots to deck out your Planeswalker, and you'll mix, match, and maximize gear for your Head, Body, Arms, and Feet – plus two Accessories. Equipment will have stat bonuses that improve your Planeswalker's overall combat ability and survivability. This is done through effects such as increased damage potency, mana color-specific damage reduction, soul-stealing to consume the life force of fallen enemies – just to name a few.

All gear you collect also has a single Core Mod, as well as one or more Adaptive Mods. Core Mods are fixed and cannot be swapped out, while Adaptive Mods can be interchanged. Plus, collecting gear also opens up its cosmetic appearance in The Tailor. To help focus your Equipment collection, duplicate pieces of gear don't have to be sold to a vendor. Instead, they can be used to either unlock a new Adaptive Mod or allow you to earn an upgrade material for that specific piece of gear. Such materials can then be used to improve the stats of a Mod.

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