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Magic: The Gathering - Secret Lair Makes Special Drop For D&D Movie
Like previous sets, you can only purchase them directly from WotC, they are not sold in stores What's more, the set is only available for a limited time, so you have until April 23rd, 2023, to get your hands on either collection before they're gone for good, never to be reprinted. Credit: Wizards of the Coast "Six[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Lord Of The Rings Set Launch Date Revealed
We have the full details from WotC for you below on all three of these announcements. Credit: Wizards of the Coast Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-Earth (June 23rd, 2023) "The Lord of the Rings has come to Magic: The Gathering, and it's time to take familiar favorites on a whole new journey there and back again[...]
"Dungeons & Dragons" Announces New Show, "D&D Presents"
It may take a lot of effort on WotC's part to make changes and repair it, and it puts the content they have coming out in 2023 and the launch of One D&D in a bind But no matter what happens, it's pretty clear that if Hasbro or WotC come for creator's pocketbooks in any[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Reveals One D&D With 2023 Schedule
Here's the quote they got from WotC. Credit: Wizards of the Coast "We will continue to support the thousands of creators making third-party D&D content with the release of One D&D in 2024 While it is certain our Open Game License (OGL) will continue to evolve, just as it has  since its inception, we're too early in[...]