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Magic: The Gathering Reveals First Commander Masters Sets
The Commander Deck format has helped bring a lot of people into MTG as it helps provide an understanding of the game without the fuss of having to build a deck from scratch, and much like those sets, Commander Masters will launch with ready-to-play content alongside draft, set, and collector boosters We have more details[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Lord Of The Rings Set Launch Date Revealed
Meanwhile, the company also announced a launch date for an all-new first-of-its-kind Commander Masters set that will debut in August, as well as an update to MTG Arena that adds quality-of-life improvements and more We have the full details from WotC for you below on all three of these announcements. Credit: Wizards of the Coast Lord Of[...]
Wizards Of The Coast Has A Change In Leadership
It'll be interesting to hear from people over the next few months what was in the works at various points in time, especially why they were given the axe with little fanfare, as both MTG and D&D are holding strong as popular titles. According to multiple reports, Wizards Of The Coast has officially ended five[...]
Magic: The Gathering Announces 30th Anniversary Edition Cards
For more information, you can watch the 30th-anniversary video here and check out this article on DailyMTG With this announcement, many were, quite understandably, quite upset at the price tag and general unavailability of this product At nearly $1,000, this product is not going to be able to be accessed by a vast majority of players[...]
Magic: The Gathering: Warhammer 40,000 EDH Deck Previews Kick Off
You can watch that video below: Furthermore, the decks will be revealed in full in the following order, according to DailyMTG: Tyranid Swarm will be revealed Tuesday, September 13th The Ruinous Powers (the Chaos-aligned deck) will be revealed on Wednesday, September 14th Necron Dynasties will be revealed on Thursday, September 15th Finally, Forces of the Imperium will be revealed on[...]