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Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Features Reversed, Numbered Card
Viscera Seer, but with all of the text printed backwards! @MTGSecretLair Any comments? #MTG @StarCityGames #77/100 — Ben Bleiweiss (@StarCityBen) November 11, 2021 At this time, Bleiweiss has decided to put this remarkably rare card on auction via Facebook's MTG Rarities: Major Misprints page We have previously noted Emiel van Daele's double-printed copy of the[...]
Magic: The Gathering Crimson Vow Presentation Stream Recap
It also releases on Magic: Arena and MTGO on November 11th. Mechanics With the release of Crimson Vow, we will be getting a number of cards with new mechanics These mechanics are as such: Exploit, a returning mechanic from Dragons of Tarkir from 2015 The reminder text on Exploit, as a refresher, states: "When this creature enters the battlefield, you[...]