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Boom’s Magic Biggest Gathering Ever At Over 85,000 Copies
Boom Studios' relaunch of the Magic: The Gathering franchise in comic form releases in stores tomorrow and it appears that despite initial retailer skepticism, the publisher has delivered the highest ordered comic launch in Magic's 28-year history. As we previously informed you, Boom made a splash when they announced acquiring the license from longtime publisher IDW[...]
The New Second Printing Boom
Luckily, Boom is making a third printing with foil cover art by Dan Mora available this week, but that printing will have a limited print run of 10,000 as well as Boom tries to get more copies into the channel to avoid the manufacturing delays that have previously pushed BRZRKR releases back. Meanwhile, other recent Boom[...]
Magic #1 Over 50,000 Copies Before FOC Without Cards
Now Boom aims to pull a hat trick by doing the same for Magic: The Gathering. Just the announcement of the publisher acquiring the license caused collectors to snatch up the first Magic: The Gathering: The Shadow Mage comic from Acclaim prompting it to land at #3 on YouTube influencer, ComicTom101's Top 10 Trending list with[...]
Boom to Sneak-Publish Magic: The Gathering Ashcan Comic This Week
Boom Studios recently acquired the comic book license to the Magic: The Gathering from Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast LLC and in April will be publishing a new comic, Magic, by Jed MacKay, Ig Guara, Arianna Consonni, and Ed Dukeshire. But this week, ahead of that, Boom Studios will be sending one copy of a[...]
Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim League Weekend Launches Saturday
Magic: The Gathering fans will get a chance to see some of the most intense competition as Kaldheim League Weekend starts tomorrow The season has been pretty intense so far, especially remarkable since it's been played primarily online due to the COVID-19 pandemic Good thing MTG: Arena has been around to help facilitate the transition[...]
ComicsPRO: What Is Boom Studios’ Magic: The Gathering Surprise?
During their presentation at ComicsPRO, after taking a bit of a victory lap with retailers, Boom Studios' Morgan Perry just dropped a big tease for their upcoming Magic: The Gathering series launching in April. As announced earlier, Boom Studios recently picked up the license and announced a new ongoing series, entitled simply Magic by Black Cat[...]
Magic: Legends Will Enter PC Open Beta In Late March
And remember, the Open Beta for the game will officially kick off on March 23rd. Credit: Perfect World Entertainment Equipment in Magic: Legends will come in four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic Rare – just like in the tabletop version of Magic: The Gathering These items will fill a variety of slots to deck out your Planeswalker,[...]
Magic: Legends Will Enter PC Open Beta In Late March
Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment. Fans of Magic: The Gathering can attest to the fact that spell casting is the heart and soul of the game, and Magic: Legends is no different At launch, the ARPG will offer 175 mana-based spells inspired by the original card game, plus 50 artifacts, 165 pieces of equipment, four planes[...]
Magic: The Gathering Arena Comes To Google Play Early Access
Wizards Of The Coast have officially taken Magic: The Gathering Arena mobile as it has been released on Google Play in Early Access It's not the complete game that those of us playing on PC have been enjoying for over a year, as it has limited capabilities But it has a little more functionality than[...]
Magic: The Gathering Releases The Kaldheim Cinematic Trailer
During the New York Game Awards this week, Wizards of the Coast showed off the cinematic trailer for the Kaldheim set in Magic: The Gathering In what WotC is referring to MTG's most metal set ever, this expansion set will be released on Magic: The Gathering Arena starting today, and everywhere else on February 5th[...]
Boom Takes Magic: The Gathering
Of late IDW, has published hundreds of Magic: The Gathering comic books, as part of their ongoing license with Hasbro, that also sees them publish Transformers, My Little Pony and GI Joe But in September 2019, something bad went down and the announced Magic The Gathering: Chandra: The Trials Of Alara series by James Asmus[...]
Magic: The Gathering Reveals The New Viking-Themed Set Kaldheim
Wizards of the Coast dropped a ton of new information today about the next Magic: The Gathering set, Kaldheim This morning during a Twitch preview stream, the team revealed that the next expansion will drop into Magic: The Gathering Arena starting January 28th and then become available everywhere else on February 5th As you might[...]
Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar Brings the Heat to XM Studios
XM Studios has announced a brand new 1:4 scale statue that is handcrafted and hand-painted from the hit series, Magic: The Gathering The Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar is bringing to heat to fans' collection with this beautifully sculpted statue She is displayed casting her fire spells as she stands in a spiral of fire The Magic:[...]