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Magic The Gathering Graded Special Print Cards On Auction At Heritage
Magic: The Gathering graded singles have blown up a ton these last few months In the shop I run, it is by far the most requested product that, sadly, I cannot get my hands on Quite a few collect the vintage cards for the art instead of the history behind the cards Taking bids today[...]
Magic: The Gathering Provides An Update For Universes Beyond
Magic: The Gathering has been a source of many great tales and settings From Dominaria's epic saga to the more recent stories about the settings of Eldraine, Ikoria, and Strixhaven, Magic has not failed to impress with their original content However, many fans continue to need their fix of other intellectual properties (which is a fine[...]
Magic: The Gathering "Commander Sealed" Event Planned For Charity
A major Commander Sealed event for Magic: The Gathering has been planned in Rochester, New York The event will take place on September 25th, 2021 and benefits will go towards The Trevor Project, an organization supporting crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youths. A shot of the large venue that is hosting the Magic: The Gathering[...]
Magic: The Gathering Adds Phyrexian Creature Type To Cards On MTGO
Magic: The Gathering, the premier trading card game by the tabletop game designers at Wizards of the Coast, has had a great many types of creatures, all categorized by their creature types From the get-go, these types began as ambiguous and hard to classify properly However, most creatures got an update in 2001 with the Mirrodin[...]
Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Recap: May 31st To June 1st
The final days of Magic: The Gathering's spoiler season for Modern Horizons 2 previews are upon us now, and we must say, things have been looking quite sharp Between Garth One-Eye and the preposterously named Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar, the suite of legendary creatures in the set serves to frame this set as not only great for Modern but also[...]
Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Recap For May 28th-29th
Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game Magic: The Gathering has been printing fantastic cards lately From a great many powerhouses in Throne of Eldraine all the way to Strixhaven: School of Mages, the designers over at Wizards have been designing hit after hit after hit This means it's no surprise that Modern Horizons 2, Magic's latest supplemental[...]
Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Recap For May 26th-27th
Hello to all fans of Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game! We are in the throes of spoiler season for Modern Horizons 2, Magic's latest upcoming supplemental expansion set, and things are going pretty great for Modern players and others within the context of the new reveals Besides a card with a[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar EDH Deck Tech
Everything is fine. Hello, Commander players, Modern players, and other fans of Magic: The Gathering, the premier card game by Wizards of the Coast! We drafted up a Commander decklist surrounding the underworld-famous chef with the name that's a real mouthful, Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar! We have no idea why Wizards felt it this necessary to give such a[...]
Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Recap: May 24th-25th
Wizards of the Coast has started to roll out the cards from their upcoming set for Magic: The Gathering, Modern Horizons 2 Each spoiler season, the first few cards tend to be the highlights of the set, but with a supplemental set such as one in the Modern Horizons series, anything could feasibly happen at any time, at[...]
Wizards Of The Coast Teases New Magic: The Gathering Rule On Twitter
Magic: The Gathering has always been a game of shifting rules and the inevitable breaking of these rules Companions and modal dual-faced cards (also known as MDFCs) seem to be some of the latest big changes that Wizards of the Coast has made to the game, but today on Twitter, a few major names on[...]
Magic: The Gathering Reveals A Ton Of Cards From Modern Horizons 2
On Twitch today, Wizards of the Coast unveiled for the first time a slew of all-new preview cards for Magic: The Gathering's next set, Modern Horizons 2 A mix of new cards and three reprints, the previews today mark the first time most of these cards will be played in Modern, or at all by the public,[...]
Magic: The Gathering Felisa, Fang of Silverquill Commander Deck Tech
Hi there, fans of Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering! Whether you're a lawyer, a poet, or a student, you always have to deal with writing in some way For what it's worth all of us at Bleeding Cool are doing it right now! But there comes a time when the[...]
Magic: The Gathering Transitioning Out Their Esports Program
Wizards of the Coast announced today, May 13th, that they will be sunsetting the current paradigm of their professional play system for Magic: The Gathering beginning next League season The Magic Pro League will end and we are left with no details on the 2022-2023 season of play. A promotional photograph showing a game of Magic: The Gathering[...]