Manticore Launches $1M Pilot Program To Pay Creators On Core Platform

How would you like to make money by making a game? Manticore is offering up cash in a new pilot program on its new Core platform. The company revealed on their blog that they have ponied up $1m in a new pilot program, asking indie developers to make a game on their system. The idea is pretty simple and two-fold for the company. They want to pay people who use their system and show off what it can do, and in return, indie devs can use the system to make an awesome title and make some money off their creation in the process. You can read more of the details in the blog and some of them below as you can see how to get involved.

Now you can make money for making a game if you use the Core platform, courtesy of Manticore.
Now you can make money for making a game if you use the Core platform, courtesy of Manticore.

We designed the Creator Payouts Pilot Program around one simple concept: the more people play your game, the more you should get paid. Each calendar month, creators in the program can receive $3 per average daily player. This will be calculated by taking the daily number of unique users who log into your games and averaging them across that month. This means that if you have 500 unique users log into your games every day (they do not need to be the same players) you could receive $1,500 after the end of the month. If you average 1,000 users, you could receive $3,000. If you average 10,000 … you get the idea. We chose this system because we want creators to be unified in the mission of making fun games and bringing new players to Core. You don't need to manage subscriptions or design a vast catalog of microtransactions. Instead, the only thing you need to focus on is making great games that attract and retain players. The more players you and your fellow creators bring in, the more money you could make.

The Creator Payouts Pilot Program starts today with 100 spots, of which we have already invited nearly half. We chose the first group based on the games they've made and their dedication to the Core platform. They include alpha testers from the earliest days of Closed Alpha, spectacular contest winners, and impressive newcomers. We were so delighted by our first Game Dev Bootcamp class that all thirteen creators will be invited to participate. To participate in the program you must receive an invite and comply with the related terms. The best way to earn one of the limited spots is to make games on Core that players enjoy. For more details about the program, including eligibility and how payments work, visit our payouts FAQ. If you have a cool game and want to be considered for an invite, fill out this form.

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