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DC Comics To Introduce New Ukrainian Superhero, Core
And that it would include Core – Pavlo Stupka, a new Ukrainian character. Originally launched by current DC Comics publisher Jim Lee, for his Wildstorm company when they were publishing through Image Comics back in March 1993, now bought by DC Comics and getting a revamp A covert superhero action team Stormwatch was run by a United[...]
Core Announces One-Year Anniversary Content Including iOS Features
Core is celebrating its first year with an epic celebration as they bring a lot of the tools and games you love over to iOS this Summer The team launched a brand new social play system called Party Portals, which is available right now and allows you to play some pretty awesome content and will[...]
Core & Metaverse Gaming League Partner Up For The Anime Jam
Core and Metaverse Gaming League have partnered up for a brand new event as they have launched the Anime Jam competition Creative developers with a love for anime will have a chance to submit their anime and manga-themed games and experiences for this unique competition The one major requirement is that you must use Core's[...]
Deadmau5 Releases New Music Video Using Manticore Games' Software
Deadmau5 released a new music video this week with a twist as it was created using Core, the game-building software from Manticore Games A short time ago, the electronic artist partnered with Manticore to have a music video contest where entrants used the Core software to create visuals for his upcoming single, "When The Summer[...]
Core Is Hosting A Summer Games Event With Multiverse Games
Core has teamed up with Multiverse Games for a special event as they will be throwing their own Summer Games this Sunday Players will be able to interact and compete in multiple events with games built from the ground up using Core's software The event will kick off on July 25th and will be running[...]
Core Has Now Been Made Free Exclusively On Epic Games Store
Fans who have been enjoying Core and playing with its game-making mechanics will be able to play it free now on the Epic Games Store Manticore Games have partnered with the PC platform to give their audience a new experience to make their own games using the software available within The system, which has been[...]
Manticore Games Launches A Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Contest
Following their competition from PAX Online, Manticore Games has released over 100 free D&D-themed games for you to play After running a contest that was later played by a group of celebrity D&D players during the event, who picked out the best of the best to feature on a livestream You can check out that[...]
Manticore Launches $1M Pilot Program To Pay Creators On Core Platform
How would you like to make money by making a game? Manticore is offering up cash in a new pilot program on its new Core platform The company revealed on their blog that they have ponied up $1m in a new pilot program, asking indie developers to make a game on their system The idea[...]
Manticore Games Launches Open Alpha For "Core" Platform
This week, Manticore Games launched an open alpha for their brand new platform Core, a free space and community for people to create and play games The essence of the platform is to give player-creators an open-access space to create, collaborate, and share content they're working on Their own description says it will give players[...]