Mario Kart Tour Launches Its New Year's Event Today

It may be a new year by the end of the week, but Nintendo isn't waiting to kick off the festivities as they start in Mario Kart Tour. This event has some new additions to it that you might enjoy, starting with the fact that you're getting a brand new driver in the form of Lakitu. Whether or not he'll be permanent is an entirely different discussion, but we're hoping he stays to make the roster pop a little. You're also getting a new car to drive around in with the Party-Wing Kart, which will illuminate the road as you drive in it. Another fun addition to the game is that Pauline and Toad are back in the mix with some new party attire to help ring in the new year with a bang.

Who doesn't want to spend the new year crashing into your friends online? Courtesy of Nintendo.
Who doesn't want to spend the new year crashing into your friends online? Courtesy of Nintendo.

As far as the racing aspect of the event goes, you'll be getting another new track as the company has added RMX Rainbow Road 2 track, which is a modified version of the original Rainbow Road from the SNES' Super Mario Kart. So some of you will have a slight feeling of nostalgia, except for all the changes they made to it which will totally throw you off your game. You can check out more of the additions in action below with the latest trailer from Nintendo, as you can see how the course has changed and will be both fun and annoying to a lot of people playing it. As it is with all Nintendo mobile games, Mario Kart Tour is free to play, but there are some aspects of the game you'll need to pay for if you want new designs or racers or other aspects to add to it beyond the basics. Enjoy racing into 2021!

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