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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Launches The Booster Course Pass
Nintendo has officially launched the new Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, bringing the first of many new courses to the game This is the start of a long process by Nintendo in 2022 and 2023 to bring much-needed extra tracks to the racing title, as you're getting a ton of content over[...]
Nintendo Already Has Next Mario Kart Game In The Works
Some cool but unsurprising news today from Nintendo as the company is apparently already working on the next Mario Kart title Back when the Switch was first released, rather than getting an all-new title, Nintendo opted to make Mario Kart 8 Deluxe This is basically an all-encapsulating version of the Wii U title with added[...]
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Has Received Version 2.0
Nintendo has released a brand new update for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit as the game has officially received Version 2.0 A good chunk of this update is centered around new content, as they have provided more courses to race in no matter what the design is that you choose to place the markers down[...]
Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Track is a Collectors Dream
Mario Kart is one of the few spin-off franchises that might actually outshine the original franchise that started it all Super Mario Bros is easily the highlight of Nintendo, and their wide variety of spin-off games like Mario Golf, Super Mario Party, and Super Mario Galaxy all succeed on their own However, Mario Kart is[...]
Mario Kart Tour
Nintendo has announced a brand new tour event is coming to Mario Kart Tour as the game will be headed to Sydney Starting today and running all the way through May 4th, 20201, you'll be able to explore the land Down Under in the form of Nintendo's track courses As it is with all races,[...]
Mario Kart Rainbow Road Race Track Comes To Hot Wheels
Dust off your karts as Hot Wheels is ready to take Mario Kart fans back to Rainbow Road with their newest track set Listings have recently appeared online, giving fas a quick look at the upcoming set The track will seemingly feature multiple construction options, from a straight shot to a more curved track The[...]
Mario Kart Tour Kicks Off A New Berlin-Themed Tour
Nintendo revealed this week that they have kicked off a two-week Berlin-themed event in Mario Kart Tour for you to enjoy! The event has launched in the game right now with the latest update and will run until January 26th at 9:59 p.m PT The update comes with a new course themed like the German[...]
Mario Kart Tour Starts Its New Year's Event Today
It may be a new year by the end of the week, but Nintendo isn't waiting to kick off the festivities as they start in Mario Kart Tour This event has some new additions to it that you might enjoy, starting with the fact that you're getting a brand new driver in the form of[...]
"Mario Kart Tour" Laps Other Apps As Nintendo's Most-Downloaded Mobile Game Ever
Nintendo has won a lawsuit against MiniCar, the street go-kart company that has you driving around Tokyo as Mario Kart characters The company released this statement today, which we have a transcript of part of it below for you to read, showing that they have won their case against MiniCar If you're not familiar with[...]
BCN3D Created A 3D Rainbow Road Track Mario Kart Live
Something fun for your Friday reading as BCN3D has created a special course for Mario Kart Live with a 3D-printed Rainbow Road If you're not familiar with the company, BCN3D manufacture and program 3D printers for both public and company purchase, and they tend to be one of the higher-quality companies making them right now[...]
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Receives A Couple New Videos
Nintendo has released a couple of new videos for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, showing off more of the game to those looking to race The two new videos include a new gameplay overview that will show you everything from setup to the competition to how to actually race and win Meanwhile, the other video[...]
Mario Kart Tour Is Making A New Stop In Los Angeles
Mario and his friends will be headed to Los Angeles in Mario Kart Tour as the game has a brand new track for you to explore online Nintendo has created a course to mimic the city in the most Nintendo-like way possible, as you'll zip through normally crowded streets and popular places in a brand[...]
Five Missing Titles From The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary
Why it wasn't included in the collection is beyond us as this feels like a must-have in 3D All-Stars. 4: The Complete Mario Kart Collection Credit: Nintendo Okay, let's get to something that probably should have been taken care of years ago There are so many versions of Mario Kart spread out across multiple consoles, the series itself[...]
Mario Kart Tour's new multiplayer mode just added new features.
Mario Kart Tour multiplayer just received a slew of improvements thanks to the game's latest update Now, there are additional options to play with your friends or to start races on your terms Part of the new rollout includes custom rooms with Room Codes as well as Team Races, which let people team up as[...]
"Mario Kart Tour"
When it comes to real-life Mario Kart, only Nintendo has that authority A Japanese court ordered go-kart company Mari Mobility to pay over $450,000 for infringing on the video game company's intellectual property, according to a report in Inside via Kotaku The company offered Nintendo-themed costumes for drivers to wear. Credit: Nintendo Nintendo vs Mari Mobility In an[...]