Markiplier Becomes AFK Arena's New Landlord, Of Sorts

YouTube gamer and personality Markiplier has become the latest NPC character to join AFK Arena as he will be the new landlord. According to the game's lore, the Noble Tavern has been a welcome place of respite for the weary warrior for over a year and has recently been run tirelessly by the tavern owner's daughter, Dolly. However, she's getting a well-deserved break as Markiplier is joining the game (with Chica) as the new bar staff. Now it will be he who offers you advice while passing out drinks and other random things. In reality, Mark loves the game and is being added as a character for a while to help you out. Which you can do right now in the game if you visit the tavern. Also, for those of you playing the game who are also Bleeding Cool readers, you can claim 500K Gold and 500 Diamonds in-game by using the code "BestRPG4BusyU". Here's more details on Mark being added to the game.

Markiplier and Chica are on the job! Courtesy of Lilith Games.
Markiplier and Chica are on the job! Courtesy of Lilith Games.

The town of Ranhorn's Noble Tavern in AFK Arena is a home away from home for the weary traveller looking to rest between their adventures and summon new Heroes. Owned by Brewmaster Brown, the tavern has been run by his daughter Dolly who works hard to answer the guest's needs and offer words of encouragement. Now, the time has come for  Dolly to take a well-earned break and for YouTube star Markiplier to step into her shoes. Markiplier has been faithfully recreated in-game using AFK Arena's vibrant art style to ensure he looks perfectly at home in the world of Esperia. Markiplier has also added his voice to the game, so Tavern guests will be able to hear the YouTube sensation providing valuable words of support to fire them up for battle.

AFK Arena's idle-gameplay enables players with busy lives to experience the depth of an RPG all while earning rewards and XP when offline (hence the AFK-'Away From Keyboard'). This mechanic is perfect for players like Markiplier who, with over 27 million YouTube subscribers to entertain, doesn't have time to grind. Now, Markiplier can't put it down, saying: "When AFK Arena approached me for a partnership, I downloaded the game to see if it was fun and a good fit… the game has since consumed my life. It's literally the first thing I check when I wake up. This is not a joke. Please help."

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