Marvel Realm Of Champions Receives New Update With Movie Content

Kabam Games released a new content update for Marvel Realm Of Champions, which comes with a ton of content straight from the movies. A number of additions have been made from the Captain America universe as well as from the recent Black Widow movie, as you can see Red Guardian here. But also a number of additions from the comics that will get your attention, like the new Sorcerer Supreme. We have more info from the devs below, and you can read a more in-depth version of the patch notes here.

Marvel Realm Of Champions Receives New Update With Movie Content
Credit: Kabam Games
  •  New In-Game Event – A HOUSE DIVIDED: Following Stark's new policy of cooperation, Peggy Carter enlists Champions from across Battleworld to form a new strike team with one goal – to retrieve a powerful RED TESSERACT, created by the USSR during the Cold War, from the clutches of HYDRA.To succeed, they will need to defeat one of the Patriot Garrison's own Champions, the RED GUARDIAN, in an attempt to free him from HYDRA's control. Enter each battle in v4.1's World Quest story event alongside PEGGY CARTER and defend her from a slew of Adaptoids and the Red Guardian.
  • New Super Soldier Gear – Red Guardian Set and Patriotic Gear Slots
  • New Weapons – Super Soldier: Hydra Vibranium Shield Variant, and Sorcerer Supreme: Black Mirror
  • New Arena Conquest Environment – The Raft
Marvel Realm Of Champions Receives New Update With Movie Content
Credit: Kabam Games


These arcane artifacts of the Dark Dimension project life and death in waves to harm foes and empower friend in Marvel Realm Of Championss. When reflected internally, this can transform allies into conduits for a Hellish, life-draining power. The third weapon for Sorcerer Supreme offers her powerful offensive support options. Use Black Mirror's 'Ruminous Reflection' to deal Mystic Damage to large swathes of foes and bolster your allies with a Power Buff. Use your Sorcerer's 'Divine Conduit' to top up your team's Health. Follow up with a timely use of the Black Mirror's Heavy Attack, 'Dimension Bolt', to reduce your current cooldowns. Aim at large groups of enemies to get maximum effect; the cooldown reduction improves for each enemy you damage. The Black Mirror's Special Ability 3, 'Infernal Infusion', allows you to save an ally near death! This ability instantly heals them, removes all Debuffs, and surrounds them with a deadly ring of dark energy that deals massive Mystic Damage and further heals your ally based on damage dealt. Infernal Infusion can also be cast on Sorcerer Supreme herself.


  • Sorcerer Supreme releases a simple bolt of energy that deals Mystic Damage.


  • Sorcerer Supreme quickly teleports to a nearby location, avoiding danger.


  • Sorcerer Supreme charges up to release a projectile that explodes upon impact, dealing Mystic Damage and reducing the cooldown of her other abilities for each target hit.


  • Sorcerer Supreme instantly heals nearby allies and then conjures an aura that heals those that stay near.


  • Sorcerer Supreme releases a wave of arcane energy that deals Mystic Damage to enemies in its path and grants a Power Buff to allies on its return path.


  • Sorcerer Supreme infuses a target ally with energy from the Dark Dimension, instantly healing them based on missing health, removing all debuffs, and granting them a Siphon Buff. Siphon deals Mystic Damage to nearby enemies and heals the target ally for 50% of the damage dealt.

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