Mass Effect Gets A New Teaser Trailer For The Next Game

Mass Effect fans were treated to somethign special during The Game Awards 2020 with a teaser trailer for a new upcoming game. Late int he show the company threw up a new trailer, showing off a concofiny of images, a lot of it having zero to do with he game and just rummaging through space, but eventually getting to something very specific. We get a reference to Mass Effect: Andromeda, which for a lot of hardcore fans of the franchise was a major letdown to them compared to the original trilogy of games. We see a destroyed Mass Relay as part of the wreckage from the Reaper War, with a bit of audio that can be heard that says "Ark 6 is away". Which, as the internet was quick to point out on social media, is a reference to one of the massive ships that made it across the void in-between galaxies during the game.

There is hope for the future in more ways than one. Courtesy of BioWare.
There is hope for the future in more ways than one. Courtesy of BioWare.

We also see footage of a crew of people on a snow-covered planet finding wreckage pieces with the N7 lavel on it, only to cut away and see a ship in the distance with the XT8 logo on the side to signify that the people there are from the Alliance. What does all of this mean in the longrun? Who the hell actually knows. There's been so much speculation as to what will happen to this franchise online that the only way to know for certain anymore would be to get someone from BioWare on the record about what the plans are for a new Mass Effect title. At the very least we know one is on the way, along with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on the way in February 2021. For now, enjoy the trailer.

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