Metin2 Launches Conquerors Of Yohara Expansion

Gameforge has launched the latest Metin2 expansion this week as players can now get in on Conquerors Of Yohara. The brand new expansion will throw players deep into new zones to explore with a ton of ferocious bosses and new high-level dungeons. You'll be introduced to a new innovative Champion system where players who have reached level 120 can learn new powers and exceed their limits. You can read more about ti below and check out the latest trailer for the expansion before you play it today.

Take on the Conquerors Of Yohara in Metin2, courtesy of Gameforge.
Take on the Conquerors Of Yohara in Metin2, courtesy of Gameforge.

While only the strongest of warriors may dare step foot on this new continent, players eager to test their mettle against Sung Mahi and his cursed Empire can improve their skills during the in-game experience boost. Until September 21st, players level 101 and above who enter the game will receive an experience boost, allowing them to level up and gain the power they need to master the Ship Defence Hydra instance and make their way to Yohara's savage shores. Brand new powers and mysterious items will help you master any battle as you explore the new areas and establish a foothold in the Guild territories. Take on the challenges that lie beyond the dungeon, such as kingdom battles, and prove yourself valiant enough to place among the Conquerors of Yohara.

  • New skills for each class to unleash on the battlefields of Yohara.
  • A new chapter added to the main storyline of Metin2.
  • A new continent, Yohara, with multiple zones including Kian Village, the Abandoned Fortress, Dong Gwang Plain, and the new Guild zones, with more to discover.
  • The new Champion system, which allows players to increase their stats beyond the level 120 cap.
  • A new equipment slot and new Sung Ma power-ups.
  • Exciting new monsters, deadly new bosses, and a treasure-trove of loot, ripe for the taking.
  • Ferocious, new, high-level dungeons including The Gnoll Caves and Sung Mahi Tower.
  • New repeatable biology quests.

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