Michele Morrow Calls Out The CW For Stealing Her Idea For Goodgame

If the premise for The CW show GG (Goodgame) sounds familiar, it should! It was already created once in 2017 with the same name. Last week we reported about how The CW was developing a gaming industry dramedy that centers around a young woman coming up through esports to become a success on her own terms. It sounds like a cool concept for them to tackle until you remember that it's already been done. In 2017, YouTube produced a show called Good Game with nearly the exact same premise, co-created by Jessie Cox and Michele Morrow, and starring the Game Grumps (Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan). We even reviewed it and interviewed the Grumps when it came out. The show felt like it could come back for a second season, but it was a one-and-done that you can still watch on YouTube with their Premium subscription. However, that didn't stop producers from copying the idea and pitching it to The CW three years later.

Series co-creator Michele Morrow as Ash in Good Game, courtesy of YouTube.
Series co-creator Michele Morrow as Ash in Good Game, courtesy of YouTube.

Yesterday, Cox called them out on his Twitter for taking the idea, followed up by Morrow who posted her own insight into the matter. Turns out the producers for Goodgame invited her to dinner to talk esports, and when she brought up the show, they were already aware of it.

Morrow went more in-depth on Instagram and Twitter, calling it mind-blowing that The CW is "making a show about a female in gaming -by stealing from an actual female creative in gaming". While there isn't a script to be read anywhere just yet, the premise enough seems like a cause to get attorneys involved for possibly plagiarising their concept. Especially with the fact that they were so brazen with the idea of it, they barely changed the name of the show by removing the space between the words Good Game. We'll see if anything develops, but at least on social media, the gaming community is behind the 2017 show. So even if it gets made, it's going to get criticized every single week online for stealing the idea.

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