Microsoft Might be Giving Xbox One a New Achievement System

Microsoft might be preparing to launch a new achievement system called "Careers" to sit alongside the current Xbox achievement system, according to a recent report by Windows Central.

Microsoft Might be Giving Xbox One a New Achievement System
credit//Turn 10 Studios

The new system is supposedly designed to compensate for the fact that the current achievement system emphasizes playing a wide breadth of games quickly over completion of one game over a long period of time. Because I can easily score higher by getting the tutorial completion achievements in 20 games than if I manage to 100% a 300 hour RPG. That's not cool for those of us who like to sit there and play the same game for months.

Thus, this rumored new Career mode is designed to give players goals to hit in the game they're currently playing instead of just achieving points regardless of where they come from.

Microsoft has not confirmed the plan, but Windows Central reports that they are actively committing resources to it. According to that report, it appears that the Career system will award players with levels, and even prestige ranks, based on their gaming habits and give them loot crates with cosmetic attire for their Avatars as a reward.

We wouldn't be surprised at all if this mode is announced soon, as it does fit into Microsoft's current goal of providing games with a lengthy lifespan.

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