Microsoft announced Inside Xbox is returning this week, courtesy of Xbox.

Inside Xbox Will Makes Its Return This Week On April 7th

Microsoft revealed earlier today that the Xbox team will be bringing back Inside Xbox this week, with the first episode starting on April 7th. The show acts much like the Nintendo Direct or Sony's State Of Play livestreams. Only they've been doing it longer and they tend to focus on just a couple games a […]

Xbox CDC Foundation Donation

Xbox Sets Up New Menu Donation Option For CDC Foundation

Xbox has launched a new option on its menu for gamers to be more proactive with coronavirus aid with a donation option to the CDC Foundation. The company has added a new app, which you can see in the image below, where players in the U.S. can donate to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

ID at Xbox Spotlight

Xbox Reveals Six New "ID@Xbox Spotlight" Videos

The Xbox team has released a new set of videos from their ID@Xbox Spotlight series this week, showcasing a number of new games on the way. The videos were created as a bit of a response to GDC 2020 being canceled over the coronavirus. Normally the company would show off some titles that were being […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

The Xbox Series X Price Will Be In Flux Until Near Release

An interesting tidbit from Microsoft this week about the Xbox Series X, as it seems the price of it will be in flux, depending on what the competition does. In a recent interview on the IGN show Podcast Unlocked, Xbox head Phil Spenser chatted about the upcoming console and other things the Xbox team is […]

Gears Tactics Group Art

Xbox Game Studios Reveals More Details On "Gears Tactics"

Xbox Game Studios, along with The Coalition and Splash Damage, revealed more details this week about the Gears Of War spinoff title, Gears Tactics. The info came down on Xbox Wire, where the devs showed off more from a hands-on preview they did. But oddly, didn't include a video. This is a very basic look […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

A Hacker Is Holding The Xbox Series X Graphics Source Code Ransom

In what is going to be a very interesting plot to a film we have yet to see written, the Xbox Series X graphics source code has been stolen. It's not missing, it's just been hacked. Torrent Freak broke the news this week, starting with the fact that AMD filed at least two DMCA notices […]

Microsoft Shows Off What's Inside The Xbox Series X

With GDC 2020 not happening right now, Microsoft has decided to show off more of the Xbox Series X with what they would have shown on the floor. The company posted a new entry on Xbox Wire, posting a ton of info on what the components are. It's a hefty little tower they've put together, […]

Microsoft's E3 2019 Presentation Will Show Off 14 First Party Games

Xbox Servers Experiencing High Volume With Server Issues Today

Microsoft is seeing the best and the worst of people gaming while the coronavirus is in effect as the Xbox is loaded with online gamers. First and foremost, Xbox's Phil Spencer seemed to be enthusiastic that players had taken to their consoles while self-quarantining themselves. As he talked on Twitter about it a couple of […]

Auto Draft

Ninja Theory Launches Last "Bleeding Edge" Beta On Xbox Game Pass

Today, Ninja Theory announced that the last open beta for Bleeding Edge was launching today, but it was happening on Xbox Game Pass. Along with the news the company released a brief FAQ, which we have for you below, giving you the details you need for the beta. For most regions, the beta will end […]

Microsoft Reveals Two More Xbox One Special Edition Controllers

Microsoft revealed two new controllers today for the Xbox One, as we're getting a couple of special edition wireless versions with new colors. The two in question are the Arctic Camo on the left and the Phantom Magenta on the right. We have the details on both for you below, and if you want to […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

Microsoft Offers A Look Into The Xbox Series X Ahead of GDC 2020

Earlier today, Microsoft posted a brand new entry on Xbox Wire, giving fans a bit of a preview into the Xbox One X before GDC 2020 comes around. The blog post gives you a little bit more info on what the console will have in store for players, but it really doesn't give away everything. […]

Xbox Ambassadors Is Looking For A New Host Through Mixer

Would you like to be the next host of Xbox Ambassadors? Microsoft is looking for a new host, but they're doing it through Mixer. Microsoft sent out a notice this week they're looking for someone new to host the show who is both a frequent gamer who streams live on Mixer. From now until March […]

"StarCraft: Ghost" Finally Leaked in Playable Form

"StarCraft: Ghost" Finally Leaked in Playable Form

If you're a gaming fan, there's no doubt you've heard about StarCraft: Ghost a time or two. The now-defunct project was supposed to be a major turning point for Blizzard when it came to 3D action titles, but the game was canceled before it could ever leave the station. Now, it looks like a playable […]

xbox party chat

Microsoft Offers To Pay Xbox Users Who Find Bugs

Microsoft is offering cold hard cash to Xbox players who use their products on a regular basis to find bugs and report them so they can be fixed. The company posted a notice for the Xbox Bounty Program, in which they are offering cash rewards to players who find legitimate bugs in their system. With […]

Xbox, Nike, and EA Sports Team Up

Xbox, Nike, & EA Sports Are Throwing A Super Bowl-Theme Giveaway

In a rare giveaway moment, Xbox has partnered up with both Nike and EA Sports to give one lucky winner this Xbox One X and gear with a Super Bowl theme. Xbox released details on a contest to give out the special Madden NFL 20 console, as well as a pair of Air Max Legacy […]

Review: SCUF Gaming's Prestige Controller For Xbox One

Review: SCUF Gaming's Prestige Controller For Xbox One

A while ago we were lucky enough to receive a new SCUF Gaming controller for the Xbox One in the form of the SCUF Prestige. If you're a regular user of SCUF gear, then you know the company has spent more of the past few years focused on Sony and putting out more controllers for […]

Xbox Project xCloud Adds a Selection of New Titles

Xbox Project xCloud Adds a Selection of New Titles

If you're in the Project xCloud Preview, Microsoft likely just made your day. There's a whole new series of new titles that just got added to the project's streaming library. The invite-only test that allows players to try out Xbox One titles over the cloud streamed to mobile devices now includes a wider variety of […]

xbox one Adaptive Controller

Someone Modded An Xbox Adaptive Controller To Play A Nintendo Switch

One of the best items Microsoft made for the Xbox One over the past few years has to be the Xbox Adaptive Controller, simply for functionality. All throughout 2019, there were stories of people who could never play video games due to a physical or mental condition that simply prevented them from working a regular […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

We May Now Know What Ports Are On The Back Of The Xbox Series X

During CES 2020, we may have inadvertently gotten a look at what the port situation is on the Xbox Series X and what it will be capable of. For the most part, we've only seen the main image you see below, which is the front of the tower showing off a disc slit and the […]

2019 Gaming Review Guide: PDP Gaming Products

2019 Gaming Review Guide: PDP Gaming Products

Throughout the year we get a ton of products to review for you, in case you have your eye on something and want an opinion on it before purchase. With it being the holidays, we thought we'd go back and look over some of the stuff that came our way from various companies who sent […]