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Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Dropping New Nike Shoes With Xbox
Xbox, Warner Bros., and Nike have all come together today for a special Space Jam: A New Legacy bundle that looks pretty cool The company revealed the bundle, which includes a special controller with a Looney Tunes design to it, along with a pair of LeBron 18 Low shoes that have been designed to match[...]
We Recap The Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2021
E3 2021 is technically over, but that doesn't mean the summer events are ending as the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2021 happened today The extended version was basically them catching up on a few items they didn't have time to get to during the regular broadcast But with no other events happening today and no[...]
Yes, Xbox Will Be Releasing The Xbox Series X Fridge
What started as a joke is becoming a reality as Xbox revealed they will be releasing the Xbox Mini Fridge this holiday season Now you too can finally drink energy drinks and small snacks in 4K 60fps as the team at Xbox Games Studios has decided to turn the joke into a reality and make[...]
Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Will Happen On June 13th
Kicking off E3 2021's Sunday events, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase took place today showing 30 new titles on the way They had a ton of content to go over today, as usual, and having Bethesda in the mix helped make the presentation a little more epic than it normally is We have about[...]
Xbox Announces 2021 Pride Celebrations To Honor LGBTQIA+ Players
Xbox Game Studios revealed their plans for their 2021 Pride Month celebrations in which they will honor LGBTQIA+ players The company will be focusing on "intersectionality and lifting up LGBTQIA+ voices across gaming" as well as donating $150K to LGBTQIA+ nonprofits On top of that, they have opened up a number of different initiatives that[...]
HyperX Adds Xbox Series X|S Support To Some Of Their Gear
Keeping in line with that, the company recently revealed that they have added supports for the Xbox Series X to their ChargePlay Duo, giving owners of the charger from the Xbox One the ability to use it on current controllers The product was tested and approved by Microsoft so that they could guarantee compatibility with[...]
Human Fall Flat Just Received New Content For Mobile
Curve Digital has released a brand new map for Human: Fall Flat as the team has officially released the game onto Xbox consoles one of the last platforms that had yet to receive the game, until now, players who get it will receive everything that's been released into the game so far so they have[...]
Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Will Happen On June 13th
Microsoft announced today that the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will be taking place on June 13th with a ton of announcements Every year before the merger, both companies would regularly participate in E3 with their own live presentations to show off what they have coming at the event and throughout the year Now that[...]
Microsoft Celebrates Xbox's 20th Anniversary With New Gear and More
This year on November 15th marks the 20th anniversary of the Xbox console, one of the biggest contenders in the console wars between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony To celebrate this momentous year for the diehard gamers of "Team Green", Microsoft is launching some new merch on their web store Furthermore, they have a few other[...]
Over 70 Games Are Getting An FPSD Upgrade For Xbox Series X
This morning, Xbox revealed that they are upgrading several titles with an FPS update for the Xbox Series X Over 70 games have been given the upgrade today with no one particular studio getting any more than the others it seems, as they've spread the upgrades across the board A quick sampling of what's on[...]
Bad Dream: Coma Will Be Released On Xbox Consoles On April 20th
Ultimate Games has revealed today that Xbox players will get a chance to play Bad Dream: Coma as it will be released to them on April 20th The game has previously been released for both the Nintendo Switch and PC, receiving rave reviews and earning some top ratings from players for its special brand of[...]
Amazon Granting Further Xbox Game Pass Capabilities To Alexa
On Tuesday, April 13th, Amazon announced their plans to increase the cross-device functionality between their Amazon Echo device with the Xbox One With this all-new feature, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can simply enter a command to Alexa, requesting it to download a game from the Xbox service's extensive game library, and Alexa will prompt a[...]
MLB: The Show 21 Will Be On Xbox Game Pass This Year
After years of being exclusive to PlayStation consoles, MLB: The Show 21 is coming over to Xbox Game Pass this year To be clear about how big of a statement that is, this franchise has been around since 1998 when it started as MLB '98, renamed to The Show in 2006, and has never strayed[...]